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We know cosmetic surgery marketing, plastic surgery marketing, and medical spa marketing, because we were founded by plastic and cosmetic surgeons seeing the shortcomings of our competitors. When others stop short with standard marketing strategies, we separate ourselves from the pack. Our patent-pending pricing app is just one example of us going the extra mile to provide turnkey marketing solutions to our clients, at no additional cost


Technology is not just a means to an end

realdrseattle® utilizes and develops cutting edge technology with user experience tools to help your practice turn leads into patients

With custom applications, live chat integration, automated e-mail response and informational campaigns, realdrseattle® will employ every tool at our disposal to improve your cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, or medical spa website's user experience and maximize your conversions

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Content That's In-House

With dedicated in-house writers we guarantee that your website's content is engaging and fulfilling its purpose—driving traffic and getting you patients

Content That's Custom

Our writing is SEO-focused and always unique to our client's needs

Content That Matters

Far from boilerplate, our content is powered by real time data that we use to hone your web presence


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I want to say thank you. I can tell you that thus far (13 days) we have secured 150 original leads who we have been able to contact. This is truly astounding and has exceeded my most enthusiastic expectation. In the first week, we directly scheduled more than $40,000 in cases secured through the Price Simulator™

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Digital marketing is the component of marketing efforts that take place purely online and across internet connected devices. The largest digital marketing channels include:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Review Management
  • Mobile Targeting & Optimization

In the age of smartphones and the internet, digital marketing is essential for marketing any business. When seeking out a product or service, the first place many people go is the Google search results. Digital marketing allows businesses to get their name out there, create a distinct brand, reach their target audience, and make more strategic marketing decisions.

Businesses can often save money with online marketing when compared to traditional marketing methods. Effective and deliberate creation of digital marketing ads creates better ads that reach the target audience more likely to convert. This saves money in the long run because it takes less exposure to get in front of the internet users who matter most.

As previously discussed, the internet and digital space is where people spend much of their life today. Reaching and engaging them in these spaces is crucial for bringing in new patients. 97% of US adults are on social media at least once a month and on average adults spend 11 hours per day using a digital device.

When it comes to the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery industries, social media and the internet now influence patient goals and desires. Most plastic and cosmetic surgeons will tell you that many consultations begin with “I don’t like the way I look in my Instagram photos” or showing influencer photos as their goals for surgery.

Since these are the spaces shaping patient expectations and goals, it makes sense to market on social media and search engines. Choosing to ignore digital marketing will lead to increased marketing budgets with a measly return. Smarter marketing campaigns that exist where consumers already are will ultimately yield better results.

There is no set timeline when it comes to digital marketing. It requires continuous adaptation and attention. Some aspects of marketing digitally can make a major difference quickly. Using email campaigns to advertise specials to current patients is a great way to drum up more interest and business.

Other facets of digital marketing such as SEO efforts can take longer to work and must be diligently maintained. realdrseattle® not only leads these digital marketing campaigns, but continues to maintenance them always ensuring the greatest yield from your digital marketing efforts.

With some plastic surgeons achieving millions of followers on Instagram and many with verified accounts, social media and digital marketing remains an important way to reach the growing online audience. Patients feel more comfortable with someone they can interact with and get to know online. This includes through social media profiles, ads, a well designed website, and reputation management. People you interact with online are around 80% more likely to convert if they interact with any of your digital marketing channels.

As a digital marketing agency with a focus in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spas, we understand how marketing is different for these industries. With our refined marketing strategies and plastic surgery insider knowledge, we provide the best marketing for plastic surgeons.

At realdrseattle®, we can develop an effective digital marketing plan for nearly every budget. Our service packages include well rounded packages that encompass many of the most important aspects of digital marketing that can fit a variety of budgets.

If you have a specific budget or needs, the realdrseattle® team can develop a plan that meets the goals of your practice. For more information about costs or to inquire about our plastic surgery marketing services, chat with us or call 206-787-0784.