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The Strategy

Dr. Sajan understands and saw first hand how patients struggled with surgical scarring. Wanting to ease their worries and concerns, he created his scar protocol to empower patients to take control of their surgical scars with his year-long, five phase scar protocol.

Our Work

3D Renderings

Since the products were still being manufactured, we needed something to be able to promote in ads and various commercial applications. Real-time, photorealistic renderings of the product line, box carrier and insert card were designed and animated for the product launch and implemented into several videos

full collection of Scar Protocol collection

3D render of full collection of Scar Protocol collection
Phases/modes of the virtual build.


The uniqueness of Scar Protocol called for a uniquely branded website to set itself within the medical scar cream market.

images of the Scar Protocol responsive website

Video Production

Several promotional and informational video productions were made, featuring it's creator Dr. Javad Sajan, to support the ideation, legitimacy and overall need for the Scar Protocol brand.

Promotion & Advertising

The above video content and assets were used widely throughout advertising platforms including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to inform consumers about the availability of the product. The videos were also used to boost SEO and website engagement.

Results + Metrics

Scar Protocol had a successful e-commerce launch that increased business and consumer interest in the product. Multiple plastic and cosmetic surgery practices have integrated the use of Scar Protocol into their recovery recommendations. Scar Protocol has sold to consumers around the world since the launch of their website and thus far has a high satisfaction rate among users.

In Closing

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