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A Brand New Air

The Project

Dr. David Santos is an accomplished facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist. Already one of our clients as one of the surgeons at Seattle Plastic Surgery, Dr. Santos wanted to create a website for the sinus surgeries he also performs at his practice called Sinusitis In Seattle. There was no existing website for Sinusitis In Seattle, but there are many competitors in the area.


Our Strategy

We started by researching relevant keywords, comparing competitor websites, and working on a mobile friendly design. The initial phase took a few weeks as we designed logos and worked with Dr. Santos to create his unique brand.

Our Work

After getting all of the necessary aesthetics in order, our web designers began putting the site together. We built out twenty website pages which included a responsive design, researched and optimized content, and video production. It took us approximately two months to get everything fully functional and ready for launch. We did not place Place Simulator™ or a photo gallery on the website because they were not relevant to the business. Therefore, we focused on other elements to make the website more interactive and engaging such as customized videos to give the site a more interactive feel.

Since Dr. Santos focuses more on facial plastic surgery, he opted not to run Pay-Per-Click ads and his social media was largely already managed by our team. Therefore, the majority of work for Sinusitis In Seattle involved building, designing, and continued management of his new website.


Since the launch of his website, Dr. Santos has seen major success. In the first 90 days,

  • Users spent an average of 2:54 seconds on the page they landed on
  • 78% increase in average ranking position
  • Site health score went above 80%

The realdrseattle® team continues to add content to the Sinusitis In Seattle website on a monthly basis. Since the website is not focused on aesthetic surgery, the content, videos, and informative nature of the website are what will make it stand out from competitors.

In Closing

Sinusitis In Seattle was our first non-plastic surgery or medical spa client. This posed a unique, but exciting challenge for the team to broaden our horizons in medical marketing to address other forms of surgery and treatment. Using our skills and expertise, we were able to build Dr. Santos a unique and attractive site that brings him more patients.

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