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Transforming Plastic Surgery Advertising

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice located in Seattle, WA. With a notable online presence, the Allure Esthetic website saw an average of 25,000 unique website visitors every month. Despite this, the practice felt that they were not properly leveraging online advertising opportunities. Allure Esthetic was also not seeing the return on investment they desired from their ads. They came to realdrseattle® wanting to take full advantage of their leads with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Google Display ads.

As one of the top plastic surgery practices in Seattle, their ads were not performing as they expected. Allure Esthetic knew there were better strategies out there and met with our PPC experts for a free marketing consultation. Considering Allure Esthetic’s website,, contained built out content and a good amount of traffic already, they were a perfect candidate for realdrseattle’s® plastic surgery Pay-Per-Click services.


Conversion Quandary - The Goal

The first step the realdrseattle® team took was to perform an audit of Allure Esthetic's current ads and website to determine why they were not converting, despite high traffic and organic rankings. After looking into the problem, we determined that Allure Esthetic was only converting about 1% of its traffic. The team set out to figure out the cause of this issue.

First, we looked at their website. While we identified that it could use some updates, ultimately, we determined that the website was not the root of the issue. It had well written and fleshed out content, the bounce rate was within an acceptable range, and there were not major technical issues.

Moving on to their ad campaigns, our PPC experts noticed that that the add campaigns were not optimized to their fullest. The ad copy was not strong, keywords and ad extensions were not being properly utilized, and the targeting could be improved. While the ads were bringing in ROI, Allure Esthetic knew they could do better based on the traffic their website received.

After taking a look at their PPC efforts, realdrseattle® agreed ad proposed a brand new Pay-Per-Click advertising strategy for Allure Esthetic. It would include starting from the beginning and recreating the ads from scratch. This would allow the realdrseattle® team to better opimize their ads for increased ROI and more conversions.

What We Did - The Approach

Working with Allure Esthetic, we determined the procedures and web pages to target with PPC campaigns. The realdrseattle® team set to work on writing optimized ad copy to target these procedures. For example, we created an ad for mommy makeover, as you can see below.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

The area highlighted in white will display for every ad. We ensured that the website URL and practice phone number are heavily featured. This promotes future conversions from the ad and can lead smartphones to recognizing the practice number when Allure Esthetic calls to follow up on a lead. It also drives conversions that see the ad, but do not click. They may choose to call instead. Even though the lead did not follow the traditional PPC funnel, it still brings in ROI.

The most effective part of these ads are the utilization of keywords. The heading reads “mommy makeover Seattle” and “mommy makeover surgeon” which are long tail keywords that are easier to rank for than “mommy makeover”. While technically less searched than the term "mommy makeover", they will reach leads actually looking to get surgery, instead of those simply researching the procedure or those not ready to schedule. This makes it more likely that ads will convert.

The areas in gray are designed to alternate the copy. For instance, one user may see “Results Guaranteed” while another user may see “Nationally Ranked Doctor”. This diversifies the ads so that users who see your ads more than once should not see the exact same ad. This promotes the best results. It also allows the best performing ads to be shown more often. Meaning the best combination of copy and extensions, once identified, will be the ad that appears most and it boosts the chances of conversions.

In addition to using keywords in the ad copy, we identified keywords and Google searches where we wanted Allure Esthetic’s ads to appear. A few of these search queries that we programmed the mommy makeover ads to display for included:

  • Mommy makeover near me
  • Mommy makeover surgery
  • How much is a mommy makeover
  • Mommy makeover Seattle WA

Programming ads to display for many different mommy makeover long tail keywords means that Allure Esthetic’s website shows up for keywords where it may not display on the first page. This brings more traffic to the site and can capture leads they may not have otherwise.

46% of internet users cannot tell the difference between organic search results and PPC. This is highly advantageous if you diversify ad copy and choose targeted keywords carefully. The realdrseattle® team also compiled a list of negative keywords. Negative keywords are search terms where client’s ads should not display.

We identified and excluded keywords that would target people not looking for plastic surgery, or those for similar procedures that Allure Esthetic did not offer. This allows us to maximize ROI because ads will not display for irrelevant terms.

Along with optimizing the ad copy, we also introduced an extension known as site extensions. Towards the bottom of the ad, links to pages other than the main targeted page are included. Some searchers may not be looking for basic information about the procedure, they may want to be taken to before and after photos or find out the pricing. Site extensions pull in more traffic and conversions than ads without them.

Coming Ashore

Following the implementation of Allure Esthetic’s new ads, saw a steady increase in traffic. Prior to realdrseattle’s® PPC campaigns, the traffic on the Allure Esthetic websites was beginning to go stagnant. With the creation of our PPC campaigns at the end of month four, Allure Esthetic saw a significant increase in the amount of traffic coming to their website.

Pay-Per-Click advertising does come with some cost. The plastic surgery PPC experts at realdrseattle® minimize irrelevant and fraudulent clicks through the use of negative keywords and proprietary software that monitors for competitor clicks.

Our clients consistently see good ROIs on our Pay-Per-Click campaigns. As previously mentioned, Allure Esthetic saw an average conversion rate of 1-2%. After our optimized plastic surgery PPC ads, Allure Esthetic’s conversion rate rose.

This sharp increase in conversion rate lowered Allure Esthetic’s ROI significantly. With an almost 4% conversion rate following realdrseattle’s® PPC for plastic surgeons, Allure Esthetic received more leads and traffic through their website.

The Allure Legacy - The Results

Allure Esthetic is now a force to be reckoned with following the best plastic surgery Pay-Per-Click advertising. Not only does Allure Esthetic dominate the organic rankings in the Seattle area, with strategically written and planned PPC ads, the website appears in search results where it does not have an organic ranking.

Currently, Allure Esthetic sees over 5,000 ad clicks per month. Combined with their projected conversion rate of 4%, Allure Esthetic gets 200 consultations every month purely from Google advertising.

realdrseattle® continues to manage and create Pay-Per-Click advertising for Allure Esthetic. We keep ad copy optimized to the newest SEO standards, add new keywords and negative keywords, and ensure effective use of their ads budget.

In Closing

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