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From Faceless Visitors To REAL Leads

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The Need For Price Simulator™

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery receives between 10,000 and 25,000 visitors every month. Yet, only around 1% to 2% of these visitors convert into a lead. They came to us wanting to help increasing the number of leads and conversions. Considering they received a good amount of traffic, we started our process by researching why 98% of visitors did not convert on The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery and other similar sites.

Here's what we discovered...

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, a cosmetic surgery practice located in Lynnwood, WA, received countless online chats and emails about the pricing of plastic surgery procedures. Despite a price list page on their website,, patients did not want to scan the page for their procedure of interest. Also, online chats do not always require lead information. This means a lead that comes in after hours can leave a question, but no way to contact them. Therefore, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery lost many viable leads, especially from after hours chats and price shopping customers who do not provide any useable lead information.

Our research indicated that new website visitors who ended up bouncing or not converting were looking for answers to the following questions:

  • What procedures are available?
  • How much are my procedures of interest?
  • What do the procedures entail?

Even if the answers to these questions are answered in well written content or price list pages, many visitors do not have time to read through web pages. They want to know if their procedure is available and how much it costs instantly.

This prompted the creation of the Price Simulator™ web application that aims to educate website visitors in an engaging and innovative way. The ultimate goals of the Price Simulator™ are: Engage. Inform. Capture.

  • Engage users through an interactive experience that allows them to easily navigate to their areas and procedures of interest.
  • Inform users through short descriptions of procedures and instant quotes which provide a provisionary price quote / price range.
  • Capture new and more leads through phone number and email prompts to access pricing information.

Many plastic surgery practices choose not to list pricing since it may vary from case to case depending on the needs and desires of patients. Price Simulator™ allows practices to provide price ranges and customized disclaimers. Additionally, if competitors provide pricing, many users will convert on the site that provides pricing information, even if tentative based on a consultation.

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery decided to install Price Simulator™ on their website with the goals to lower bounce rates, increase leads, and better serve their patients.


A Look Behind The Scenes

We customized and installed Price Simulator™ on to match The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery's branding. This included matching the buttons to their practice colors, adding the practice's logo, setting up a phone number with their area code, and creating a customized email. Along with our initial build and set up of the app, we educated The Gallery's team on how to use the user dashboard to see and contact leads.

Along with personalization of Price Simulator™ to fit The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s branding, we established a unique SMS number. From this number, the user receives the quote through text. Additionally, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s website and phone number are embedded in the user’s phone for recognition when the practice calls and users who submit a quote are more likely to see the office’s other marketing efforts such as social media and Pay-Per-Click ads.

Users can text or call the unique number to reach The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery office instantly during business hours. This allows for leads to have follow up questions answered immediately and for office staff to reach out in a timely manner. By customizing Price Simulator™ to match their website, this allowed for a consistent and seamless implementation. Instead of directing users away from The Gallery's site, it keeps them on the website, with the goal of decreasing bounce rate and increasing rankings.

More Leads - Instantly

After the installation and official launch of Price Simulator™ on, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery saw their bounce rates drop and the engagement of their website users increase in only the first couple of months. What went from a heavily trafficked website that did not retain those visitors became a website now ballooning with contact form fill outs and lead information.

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s engagement rates jumped from 25% of users remaining engaged on the site to 80% of website visitors staying engaged. Users who visited and submitted a quote on the Price Simulator™ page were less likely to bounce. As one of the ranking factors for Google's algorithm, this helped improve their rankings overtime with around 10% of their highly visited pages moving up in the search results within just the first month.

Before the implementation of Price Simulator™ on, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery saw about 20 leads per day from their current live chat and contact forms on the website. After Price Simulator™ on the website, The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery saw an unprecedented increase in leads. In just under two weeks from the launch of Price Simulator™, the number of overall leads increased to an average of 50 viable leads per day. This swell of leads took The Gallery of Cosmetic to new heights. Let's now take a look into the future to see how Price Simulator™ continues to benefit the Washington cosmetic surgery practice to this day.

Price Simulator™ is a web app built to educate patients, garner leads, and increase website engagement. At realdrseattle™, we stand behind our work and can provide case studies to prove that Price Simulator™ is effective. We dedicate ourselves to transparency which is why we focus on real Price Simulator™ strories and experiences.

Implementing Price Simulator™ on a website has provided many benefits to our clients including better quality leads, increased leads, improved SEO ranking, and facilitating communication between practices and patients.

The Lasting Legacy

The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery website leads continue to grow due to the installation of Price Simulator™ and the improvements made since. The Price Simulator™ app lets The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery interact directly with leads and ultimately book more consultations. Website visitors also directly benefit because they can learn about plastic surgery and the available procedures in a quick and simple to use interface.

The implementation of engaging and educational web applications like Price Simulator™ decrease bounce rate. This signals to Google that the site is informative and helpful. Google’s algorithm recognizes this and contributed to an increase in The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery’s search engine rankings.

In Closing

Without Price Simulator™, it is likely that The Gallery would have continued to remain stagnant with their leads and search engine rankings. Artificial intelligence, web apps, engagement, and interactivity are becoming more import on the internet. With an easy to use web app that allows users to look through procedures and receive pricing in their own time and without needing to make a phone call is an attractive and alluring prospect. Transparency in pricing is also becoming an increasingly important value in digital marketing. Since Price Simulator™ asks clients to be transparent with their pricing, realdrseattle™ also provides transparency. Not only do we provide pricing for Price Simulator™ and all our services online, you can choose how involved you want to be in the build out process for Price Simulator™. We encourage our clients to learn the dashboard so that they can fully manage their web app. realdrseattle's™ comprehensive marketing strategies including web apps like Price Simulator™ have contributed to the growth of medspas, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery practices across the country.

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