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Creating A Social Strategy

Upon examining Seattle Plastic Surgery’s campaigns for facelift, we recognized that the ads contained extensive keywords and negative keyword lists. This should help the ads reach their target audience. While they had set up some aspects of the ads well, the ads were not particularly eye catching. The ads largely used stock photograph not optimized for advertising.

When considering the audience of the ads, facelift patients, we recognized that they belong to a specific demographic--typically those above fifty. Seattle Plastic Surgery's social media ads were targeting facelift related keywords and omitted certain keywords, they were broadly targeted most social media users. The ads were not taking advantage of the full power of Facebook and Instagram ads. The PPC ads simply did not reach the audience most likely to convert.

Traditional search engine ads on Google and Bing cannot target specific age groups or demographics because this information is not collected and/or protected. However, on social media, businesses can set ads to target certain demographics such as age groups, gender identities, occupation, and even people who have liked a specific page. This is the power behind social media ads.

The realdrseattle® team suggested retargeting their social media ads for Seattle Plastic Surgery’s facelift PPC campaigns. This strategy would allow Seattle Plastic Surgery to refine their demographic targeting and get their ads in front of the right audience by creating multiple facelift ads, running on Facebook and Instagram.

Setting Up The Ads - Social Media Advertising Case Study

Video ads get better engagement on Facebook and Instagram because it catches the eye while scrolling. Along with an eye catching video, the ad copy is short and to the point yet offers the answers to questions leads may have next such as the credentials of the surgeon and the cost. A call to action, like in all advertising, can also drive the social media user to interact with your ad. Not every ad should or does have all of these elements, it comes to testing multiple ads and using the visuals to complement the content.

Working on creating the ads, our team chose high quality stock footage that fits the message Seattle Plastic Surgery wanted to portray. It included actors who were around the same age as the target audience, yet, still provided a modern aesthetic. This was perfect for Seattle Plastic Surgery's branding and image.

Before launching the ad, we set the ad to show only for Facebook and Instagram users 55 and above. This means that the ad will not show for younger users who simply will not convert which protects our client’s ad budget from low quality clicks. We diversify visual ads using a combination of custom photos and videos to effectively retarget and increase engagement.

Seeing The Results - Plastic Surgeon Ads

Graph comparing facebook and google PPC

The original goal of the above ad was to drive traffic to the Seattle Plastic Surgery site. Yet, it became one of the highest converting ads among all of their previous efforts.

Certain ads and topics will provide better results on different platforms. Considering the demographic seeking facelifts, leveraging social media’s ad filters led to more clicks and leads more likely to convert. The Facebook facelift ad received over ten times the clicks than the Google PPC ads because of strategic targeting.

This maximizes the ROI and can save money because of a lower than average cost per click. realdrseattle® identifies the procedures and campaigns best suited for social media advertising.

Graph comparing google and facebook ppc

The facelift ads that Seattle Plastic Surgery ran on Google averaged a cost per click of $5.90 and only provided 40 conversions. The Facebook ad averaged a cost per click of $1.88 and provided over 400 conversions of quality candidates.

Social Legacy

After months of running and managing facelift social media ads, Seattle Plastic Surgery has continued to see success with their ads. As necessitated by time, the ads were recreated and charged as needed. They have increased their ROI significantly and now are one of the top providers of facelifts in Seattle.

realdrseattle® consists of a dedicated team of marketing professionals who understand the plastic and cosmetic surgery industries. Utilizing our combined expertise, realdrseattle® provides the best social media advertising for plastic surgeons. Our demonstrated track record contributed to better managed ad budgets, more leads, and more booked consultations.

Getting plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery ads in front of those most likely to convert is the realdrseattle® speciality. Created and operated by people in the field, realdrseattle® is the best marketing agency for plastic and cosmetic surgeons wanting to diversify their ads and grow their practice.

In Closing

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