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The New Normal

The Need For An Automated Marketing Tool

Price Simulator™ is a marketing tool that connects potential patients and practices instantly. With a digital interface that provides patients with vital pricing information and the practices with contact information, Price Simulator™ is the future of lead generation. Taking an average of 6-7 interactions for a lead to convert, Price Simulator™ makes this easier and faster via opening up multiple, direct communication channels between the patient and practice. It also complies with the new No Surprises Act that requires that medical practices provide good faith pricing estimates at any point when communicating with a lead or patient. The realdrseattle® team created this revolutionary app to change the way lead generation and lead follow-up takes place in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa practices.


The Development Of Price Simulator

The development of Price Simulator™ began as a tool to educate patients seeking cosmetic procedures and create multiple, direct lines of communication between the practice and lead. Additionally, it was important that Price Simulator™ remained easy to use and would not slow down the website. Our developers worked to build an app completely integrable with an existing website. With the philosophy of serving both patients and providers, realdrseattle® created Price Simulator™.

Price Simulator™ addresses patient concerns: pricing. While also providing among the most important asset to practices: leads. This makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools currently available to aesthetic practices.

Building The Website

After Price Simulator™ was created, tested, and implemented on several websites across the country, we began building out the Price Simulator™ brand. Since the tool is applicable to many different industries, we no longer wanted to focus only on plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spas. Putting together a sleek new logo and revamping the look of Price Simulator™, the realdrseattle® team was able to allow for nearly complete white labeling and an app that looked cleaner and sleeker. This was also reflected in the website.

The Price Simulator™ website is simple, modern, and clean. Much like Price Simulator™, the toned down, attractive appearance creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. One of the best features of the site is that it allows clients to almost completely build out their Price Simulator and have it implemented as soon as possible.

Results + Metrics

After creating the Price Simulator™ site, the online presence of Price Simulator™ has never been bigger. With more clients and overall interest, not only have we seen an uptick in Price Simulator™ inquiries, our clients have also seen increased use since the new look was introduced.

  • Visibility of Price Simulator™ raised by over 50%
  • Clients saw approximately 10% more leads following our updates
  • Ranked on page one less than two months after launch

Price Simulator™ grew out of the necessity of virtual communication during the pandemic. However, it now has become a much more powerful tool and brand that dominates the medical and aesthetic markets. With the creation and launch of the Price Simulator™ website, realdrseattle® has been able to better serve clients and their patients.

In Closing

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