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A Whole New Look & Feel

New Beginnings

Recently, Northwest Face & Body underwent some administrative changes that they wished to highlight by designing a brand new website. Our team highlighted improvements to focus on and make during the redesign. Working with Northwest Face & Body, the RDS team was able to identify the content that needed to be transferred, discarded, and added to the new site. This allowed us to build the new website more efficiently while maintaining many of the great aspects of the old Northwest Face & Body website, namely the existing content and before and after photos.

One of the main reasons needed revamped and was no longer living up to the standard it once did is because it was and outdated website. Within the past few years, the website had fallen down web search rankings due to modern search algorithm standards. Our solution was to completely re-design the website to fit current search algorithm standards and update the look and feel of the site.

Our goal with this project was to flesh out the existing content and branding elements while completely re-designing the website. This meant keeping a detailed digital paper trail so that we could record how to apply what we accomplished on this project toward future projects.

Services Summary

  • Created MegaMenu using a CMS
  • Created a Before & After Gallery using a CMS
  • Created a Price List using a CMS
  • Created a Blog using a CMS
  • Implemented Custom Code Integrations using Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Redesigned site UI
  • Redesigned site UX

Stepping It Up

During the redesign and optimization of, the RDS team brought from 2,149 errors appearing in a SEMRush site audit down to 12 after launching the re-designing on 12/20/21. This also increased the website health from 82% to 96%. With the best ranking websites having an average site health of 92%, meaning was well beyond the average after the redesign.

A main worry we had was losing clicks and our ranking on browsers, however prioritizing site audits allowed us to closely monitor click rate and rankings and prevent a fall in usage. In the weeks following the launch of the new website, there has been no significant decrease in rankings or traffic. In fact, traffic and engagement have increased in the two weeks after the new website launched.

Stepping It Up

Main goals of improving UX/UI of were to:

Goal 1: Make accessing and viewing procedure before and after photos easily. Therefore, the team created a CMS based page for viewing before and afters, along with a filtering menu to find specific procedural before and afters. This increased user experience and makes the photo gallery easier and quicker to navigate.

Goal 2: Navigate to procedure pages to learn more about the services we offer quicker. To fulfill this goal, RDS designed a state of the art mega menu tailored to the specific content needs of a cosmetic surgery center. This made the menu easier to view and use, which in turn allows users to seamlessly access the information they want. This prevents high bounce rates.

Goal 3: Make pricing information more accessible. The RDS team implemented our Price Simulator™ PHP application for price quoting as well as created and easily updated a CMS based price list. This included a new search function and improve organized design. Instead of looking overwhelming, the price list now appears more approachable.

We accomplished all of our goals by designing user flows on the site that focus on CMS frameworks for content display and future recording.

In Closing

Redesigning was RDS's opportunity to set the bar high for what clients should expect from a medical site redesign in 2022. With the success we accomplished across this project we are confident in delivering similar sites going forward.

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