How SEO and SEM Have Impacted Digital Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

Advertising–like life–used to seem so simple. All it took was coming up with a catchphrase, slapping a banner on a billboard, and calling it a day. It’s not that easy anymore. As consumers, we have the world at our fingertips–all we have to do is search online for the product or service we want. But as a business owner, more consumer choices means you need to come up with unique and honest reasons consumers should choose you.

When it comes to plastic surgery clinics, an online presence is a must. Reaching your clients (and potential clients) through email, your website, social media, etc., is a key marketing tool for your practice. You’ll also need to learn the importance of SEO and SEM.

SEO Vs SEM: Decoding The Dynamics

The best way to get your web pages to rank on search engines is to use SEO keywords. You’ll need to understand the market and the terms patients search online when they’re looking for more information about plastic surgery. When you embed these words into your pages and content, they’ll show up when people search those same keywords. While SEO works for organic searches, SEM (search engine marketing) uses advertising to increase your website traffic.

Companies specializing in digital marketing–like realdrseattle–know how to take SEO and SEM to the next level. We’ve got a team devoted to researching and keeping up with changes to keywords and advertising. You can trust us to manage your website so you can focus on running your practice.

Transformative Power Of SEO And SEM

Tools like SEO and SEM let you market your practice to a more specific audience. Ads are a great way to reach potential patients, but you don’t want to spend time and money running ads that will only be visible to people who have no interest in surgery.

With the rise of digital marketing, you don’t have to advertise to everyone. You can target specific audiences–people who have already expressed interest. The people who have been searching for a surgeon near them, or the ones who have looked up tummy tucks, weight loss programs, or Botox treatments.

You can narrow the field even further and greatly increase your chances of turning leads into clients by using your geographic location. SEO can create a bubble around your practice and help you bring in local patients with keywords and content focused on your city.

Speaking Directly To Your Audience

We can’t stress enough how important local SEO is to your practice. You’ll get more local web traffic using location-based keywords. And if your clinic appears when people search for a surgeon near them, you have a higher chance of turning their simple search into a satisfied patient.

With a little bit of market research, you can learn who your local patients are and why they’re interested in plastic surgery. Knowing more about your audience can help you create engaging and compelling content and keywords to market your clinic.

Advertising and marketing are the best ways to bring patients into your clinic. They’re also straightforward ways and can benefit your practice and potential patients. SEO and SEM make it easier for patients to find a reputable plastic surgery clinic like yours.

The Growing Need For Marketing Expertise

It’s easy enough to see why your practice needs a solid advertising and marketing strategy. It’s less obvious how hard it can be to manage your digital marketing campaign by yourself. The time and research it takes to form an SEO and SEM strategy is exhausting for anyone. And just when you might think you’ve got it figured out, the rules literally change overnight.

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time to keep up with keywords and ads. Even if you did, it’s more than one person can handle. That’s why digital marketing agencies exist–to help you get more patients so you can continue to devote your time and attention to the ones you currently have.

Best Practices to Get Clients

As more people turn to cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance and confidence levels, you need to stay up-to-date on the best way to showcase the abilities of your plastic surgery practice. But with digital marketing comes great responsibility. SEO and SEM alone are major jobs and need constant attention. You need to stay on top of the latest trends and keep up with changing algorithms.

The team at realdrseattle has extensive experience in both SEO and SEM practices. We’ll use keywords, advertising, and other techniques to boost your practice and give you more visibility. You’ll see an uptick in web traffic, a higher ranking with search engines, and an increase in patient appointments.

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