How Do You Market A New Plastic Surgeon?

The same marketing practices used to promote other businesses apply to those used to market a new plastic surgeon. This article will explore the aspects of marketing and branding and the best methods for implementing them.

Brand Building

Branding shows who you are beyond logos and business cards, such as what services you provide and how those services can improve a person’s daily life. Branding is the identity and individuality of your practice, and it is crucial for success.

BMW, Chevrolet, and Cadilac are easily recognizable brands with well-known emblems. This recognition is an example of successful branding–familiarity with the company, the service it provides, and the quality of service.

Proper branding strategies can build your plastic surgery practice and produce a steady stream of new patients.

Consistency in look and style is paramount when building a brand. Business colors and fonts should remain steady and contain minimal variation. This consistency creates a brand focused on its message rather than revamping its style with every passing trend.

Highlighting particular surgeries and specific surgical methods can be an effective tool to create a unique brand.

Online Reputation

The digital age has produced an increased interest in peer reviews. This development has allowed businesses to procure additional clientele from new demographics.

Requesting reviews and patient feedback is an effective way to gain standing in the plastic surgery field. An email campaign targeting engaged, satisfied patients and amassing their reviews can produce a positive reputation.

Platforms such as Google My Business, Healthgrades, and Yelp can provide a prime location for reviews. These sites can help boost a practice in the trending surgical fields.

Monitoring and responding to reviews will create a community between the practice and patients. When someone claims to have had a negative experience, ensure they receive the best possible solution.

Website For Conversion

Keeping the website design simple is essential for successfully transitioning a person from a casual browser to a satisfied client. The main website page should be concise, containing content that reflects the practice’s goal and message.

Google’s core web vitals are a system of metrics to measure stability, performance, and interactivity. Loading times are a significant factor in website performance and are optimized by compressing images and using correct formats.

 Image presentation, specifically of before and after photos of patients, is significant in marketing cosmetic procedures. These photos should be of the best quality and taste to match the practice’s brand.

Value Of SEO

Using keywords–including geographic locations–is essential to a practice’s website optimization. Knowing the words and phrases potential patients search for when considering plastic surgery can be a helpful tool in ranking higher on search results.

 Schema markup helps search engines “read” your web content and learn its context, providing more web traffic, a high ranking on search engine sites, and an edge over competitors. A practice new to search engine optimization should utilize tools such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math to help learn more about the benefits of SEO.

Ensure that the copy you post on your website is knowledgeable, accurate, and informational. Plastic surgery is complex–the more detail you can provide, the more confidence people will have in your practice.

Magic Of Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can aid in the promotion of a plastic surgeon’s practice. While Instagram and TikTok provide a platform for procedure photos and videos, Facebook allows previous patients to leave reviews.

Along with videos and images, sharing health and beauty tips can increase interest on social media. Responding to comments, answering questions, holding polls, and offering discounts or giveaways can encourage further engagement.

While digital marketing is an effective and necessary strategy, branching out into traditional marketing methods is another way to reach a larger audience. A broad marketing approach will guarantee reaching expanded groups.

PPC Ads Driving The Conversions

When an advertiser pays a publisher each time someone clicks their ad, it is a PPC (pay-per-click) ad. For example, your plastic surgery practice could pay Google to feature your ad in search results. You would then pay Google for any website encounters this would generate.

To optimize your PPC campaign, combine persuasive copy with targeted keywords and conduct A/B tests. These testing strategies involve changing one element of your ad campaign (wording, etc.) and comparing the performance of both versions. Once you learn which brought in more clicks, you can implement that ad to draw web traffic.


Proper brand-building and research into the current marketing trends can be your most reliable methods for bringing in new patients. Utilizing the tools at your disposal can help you create a thriving practice.

 It can be overwhelming when you first begin to explore branding and marketing for your plastic surgery practice. Fortunately, Real Dr SeattleSeatle is a designated medical marketing company. We combine excellent copy, extensive and innovative SEO practices, and a stunning design process to produce some of the most user-friendly websites and successful marketing content for plastic surgery practices. If you are ready to increase your online presence, create a modern, reliable marketing strategy, and grow your practice, contact us for a free consultation.

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