Writing For Algorithms & Humans: How To Satisfy Both?

In 2023, the biggest trend in online content has been AI. Human and algorithmic generated content both have upsides. However, currently, users and Google’s algorithms largely prefer human written content. With that said, AI content does tend to rank fairly well and can be easier for algorithms to parse and understand. So, how can you satisfy writing for humans and algorithms?

#1: Headings

Section heads are the perfect place to use awkward keywords that may not fit naturally into the content. People tend to understand that headings are not full sentences and often skim over them quickly to identify where the information they want is. Therefore, using the AI-generated keywords and content here minimally hinders human readability, but also satisfies algorithms.

#2: Follow The 70/30 Ratio

AI content often pulls from existing outside sources to create its content. Therefore, AI content could be flagged for plagiarism or identified as “spun” (AI-generated) which can hurt a website’s authority and plummet rankings. A way around this is to have at least 70% of the content be original and 30% can be AI-generated content. However, even with the AI content look carefully over it to identify any awkward phrasing or voice/tone that does not match the human content. Fixing this can also help.

#3: Use AI Strategically

Human writers do use AI content generators to help come up with ideas and rephrase wordy sentences. Looking at a piece of human content, there may be sentences or phrases that AI can help simplify which ultimately benefits both humans and AI. This keeps AI content to a minimum, maintains quality, and can help paraphrase complicated concepts.

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