Can a Doctor Have Multiple Google Business Profiles (GBP)?

Google Business Profile, or GBP, is an incredible tool that Google provides business owners to help grow their company, web traffic, and online sales. But can GBP be beneficial for medical practitioners, as well?

Google Business Profile profiles have proven to have higher visibility for those local to the company. This is just as true for doctors and means that using GBP can increase your presence in the local community. It can also help rank your business when searched locally and provide much-needed attention to those searching for your specific services. To achieve this, there are a few ways to use GBP to your advantage among local customers.

Situation 1: Solo Success: Optimizing GBP For Solo Practices

If you are a solo practitioner, there are ways to optimize GBP to enhance your presence locally. For solo practitioners, having one strong GBP is better than having multiple, as this can hinder you in the long run. Many strategies for solo practices can help you increase visibility.

Leveraging Reviews For Solo Practitioners

One way to increase your visibility with your GBP is to leverage your reviews. Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering discounts on services. Additionally, pick reviews to highlight that talk about your specific services.

Completing Your GBP Profile

Another way you can optimize your solo practice through GBP is to complete the entire profile on Google. Solo practitioners need to add all the tiny details to their GBP to help them rank higher in local searches. Adding information like contact details, working hours, and services can help those searching find your business faster.

Linking To Authoritative Pages

Linking to authoritative or legitimate pages can optimize your visibility online. Create blogs that backlink to your landing pages and substantiate your practice with medical journals and real proof of your practice. This can also help you establish credibility among local searches.

Website Structure for Solo Practitioners

For solo practitioners, your website structure is essential to online visibility. Creating pages that focus on location targeting or solid landing pages can create higher website traffic through Google. You can also align your pages with all the information on your GBP to solidify your practice.

Situation 2: Dynamic Duos: Navigating GBP Brilliance For Joint Practices

If you have a joint practice, Google Business Profiles can be an excellent tool to create online visibility. Navigating GBP for a joint practice looks different than a solo practice due to having multiple doctors and services on the site. The best way to increase visibility for a joint practice is by creating a cohesive narrative across your site that harmonizes your practice and attracts local business.

Review Strategies For Joint Practices

Whether you have one doctor or four, reviews can help bring visitors to your site and increase traffic through your practice. However, it’s important for your reviews to mention both or all doctors equally so all services and medical professionals are highlighted in the reviews.

Unified GMB Profiles

Creating a unified website and GBP is essential for keeping web traffic flow consistent for joint practices. Ensure your profile lists all doctors, services, and specialties in a solid, unified form to help users feel comfortable. Making your GBP streamlined with clear, concise information lets visitors feel comfortable with the precise information provided.

Optimizing Website For Joint Practices

Most joint practices involve two doctors, making it essential to showcase both providers equally. GBP should highlight both or all providers and the specific services they provide. Having these specialties and providers at the forefront of the profile can drive local traffic to your website and business.

Situation 3: Citywide Triumph: GMB Strategies for Multi-Location Marvels Addressing Geographic Diversity

It can be challenging for medical practitioners with multiple locations or websites to figure out the specific strategies that help increase website traffic and visibility. However, utilizing specific strategies can optimize your profile and increase local visibility.

Reviews And Location-Specific Mentions

For multi-location medical practices, it’s essential to get location-specific reviews on your GBP so that each office gets proper visibility. You can achieve this by encouraging patients to mention the specific office and location in their reviews.

Completing Individual GBP Profiles

Regarding your actual GBP information, multi-sites should all include detailed information about the practice, hours, and providers. Additionally, your branding across all locations should remain the same for your GBP. Uniformity and consistency are crucial to gaining local traffic.

Interlinking GBP Profiles

GBP works great for multi-location medical practices that establish a strong connection between their various locations. Including references to your other locations can establish honesty and trust among local traffic and increase your web visibility.

Website Structure For Multiple Locations

Your website structure is a critical factor in ranking on GBP and highlighting each location. By having dedicated location pages for each office, you can increase visibility and ensure users have a seamless experience on your website.

Top Tactics for Local Map Triumph: A GMB Guide Encouraging Reviews for Visibility

Regarding GBP, reviews play one of the most significant roles in visibility and website traffic. Patient feedback is what potential patients will look at the most, so getting honest, positive reviews is one of the best ways to achieve your visibility goals. Asking for reviews in person, offering incentives through treatment discounts, and following up through SMS can be great ways to get authentic reviews.


Whether you are a solo practitioner, have a joint practice, or have multiple locations, you can optimize your website through a Google Business Profile. By emphasizing your reviews, including every detail, and creating a uniform brand, GBP can help bring local traffic to your business. 

RealDrSeattle can help you achieve your goals through GBP marketing and location-based pages. Our marketing company is dedicated to creating real, noticeable results for your medical practice.

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