Plastic Surgery Lead Generation - Tactics to Get Consults

You’ve opened your plastic surgery practice. Now you’re just looking for a way to get the word out. You can only do so much on social media to promote your business (aside from Facebook Ads).

So, what other ways can you market your practice? Well, since we’re marketers, you can probably guess what our answer will be. The best way to advertise your practice is to partner with a marketing agency.

It’s fine if you’re not ready to sign a contract yet. But we won’t give up that easily! We’ll let you in on a few of our SEO strategies and how realdrseattle can turn keywords into consultations.

1. Strategic Keyword Optimization

Metadata is your website’s introduction to the world; it tells search engines and searchers what your site’s message is. Using keywords in meta titles, descriptions, and on-page content can help your website rank in searches.

If your specialty is breast augmentation, tummy tucks, or facelifts, embedding keywords into your content can help your website get more user traffic–and turn that traffic into patients. Pro tip: Regional keywords can draw in users from your area, making them more likely to turn into patients.

2. Local SEO Enhancement

Something as simple as updating your Google My Business profile with the same practice name, phone number, and address as your other platforms can increase your local visibility.

Another good way to boost your local visibility is to use keywords related to your region. Try to blend these keywords into your content as seamlessly as possible. Mentioning your city and the procedures you perform will create more web traffic–and more potential patients.

3. Keyword-Centric Content Development

Pack your blogs and landing pages with keywords related to your topics. Want a successful page on breast augmentation? Mention it throughout your content. Want to get more people reading your blogs? Research common questions about the procedure and answer them in a conversational and personable tone.

4. Location-Specific Landing Pages

It will help your practice if you create dedicated landing pages for each specific location that your practice serves. If you’re near a big city, create pages for your city and its surrounding suburbs. You can also use geo pages to target specific cities.

The next step of course is to optimize these pages with localized keywords. For instance, if your plastic surgery practice is in Washington, you can use keywords like, “best plastic surgeon near Bellevue,” or “the best breast augmentation in Seattle.”

5. Mobile-Optimized Local Experience

Most people browse the web on their phones instead of computers. That’s why it’s important that your website functions well–and looks good–on mobile devices.

The simplest things make the biggest difference with mobile-friendly sites. Fonts that are easy to read and websites with responsive designs can lead to more users interacting with your website.

6. Conversion Tracking For Keywords

You want to know what content leads to interactions with your practice’s website. Google Analytics and similar tools show what people watch, click, and read on your site. They can also tell you what keywords bring in the most web traffic.

If a certain keyword is a hit, try using more like it in your content. On the other hand, if a keyword doesn’t draw users, rework the content and embed some of the popular phrases and search terms.

At realdrseattle, It’s All In The Keywords

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Honestly, we haven’t even scratched the surface of SEO. This is one reason we recommend a marketing agency like realdrseattle for your plastic surgery practice. Schedule a call with us today to see how we can get more consultations for your practice.

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