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Funnel leads and traffic through social media ads to get more leads, more bookings, and more traffic to websites

Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential For Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons?

Social media’s impact on the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields caused historic changes in the way plastic surgery clinics market. Plastic surgeons, cosmetic injectors, and master estheticians now have millions of followers on Instagram. With the average US adult spending over two hours on social media daily and social media influencing cosmetic trends, it is vital for plastic and cosmetic surgeons to tap into social media advertising. realdrseattle’s® social media and advertising experts know how to funnel leads and traffic through social media ads to get more leads, more bookings, and more traffic to websites.

Social media has increased the interest in cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Since the social media became popularized, 30 percent increase in patients seeking cosmetic surgery to improve their image on social media. Between the influence of social media on cosmetic trends and the amount of time spent on social media makes this one of the most effective advertising platforms.

realdrseattle’s® social media and online advertising specialists understand how to create and utilize social media accounts to advertise and capture audiences. If a practice already has social media accounts, our advertising experts can leverage them to engage an existing audience.

Higher conversion rates

than search engine ads

The average conversion rate for Facebook ads is 9.21%

60% of Instagram users say they discover new products on Instagram

Over 200 million Instagram users visit business profiles daily

realdrseattle® Plastic Surgery Social Media Marketing Services

Social Ad Creation

Facebook and other social media platforms often have strict rules for medical and cosmetic surgery marketing. Our social media ads team curates ads that perfectly adhere to regulations and aesthetic standards.


Our ads allow plastic and cosmetic surgeons to target and reach people already interested in their services, as well as neighborhoods local market that convert more than others.

Video ads

Utilizing photos and videos, our designers and online advertising experts create ads that convert and will make users stop scrolling.

Ad monitoring

realdrseattle® will monitor and establish retargeting campaigns for users who show interest in or click on ads without fully converting. Social media retargeting also shows ads to people who already like, follow, or have visited the advertiser’s profile.

Audience targeting based upon demographics

Different from PPC, social media opens up new avenues for audience targeting for specific neighborhoods, age groups, professions, and interests. Using varying assets and demographic information, realdrseattle® gets ads seen by people the most likely to convert. This promotes higher ROI and ensures that online advertising does not focus solely on one form of ad.

Implementation of leads tracking software

Our developing experts implement the advanced tracking software to track leads from social media and test its performance.

Our Social Advertising Results

realdrseattle® continues to innovate the way we advertise for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas. We diversify ads across search engines and social media platforms to make sure ads reach a varied audience all across the internet. We are the best when it comes to plastic surgery social media advertising and have the evidence to prove it.

Seattle Plastic Surgery is a premier plastic surgery practice in Seattle, WA. After adding a plastic surgeon who specializes in facelifts, Seattle Plastic Surgery wanted to focus their PPC campaigns on facelifts. Running traditional Pay-Per-Click ads on Google and Bing were simply not converting because they were not reaching the target audience of a facelift.

realdrseattle® analyzed their facelift PPC efforts and found that while they were targeting facelift keywords, the ads needed a more refined focus to reach the right demographic.

We created multiple facelift ads to run on Facebook and Instagram

This ad uses video to engage scrollers on Facebook and provides information most people curious about facelifts want: the credentials of the surgeon and cost. Before deploying the ad, the realdrseattle® team set the ad to show only for users 55 and above, placing it in front of the right demographic.

Latest Test Result Running the Ads for Seattle Plastic Surgery

The main goal of this ad was to bring traffic to the Seattle Plastic Surgery website. However, the ad ended up bringing in more conversions than any other facelift ad that the practice tried before.

Certain ads and topics will provide better results on different platforms. Seattle Plastic Surgery saw great success with their facelift social media advertising campaigns. realdrseattle® strategies ads across platforms to ensure the best results and highest ROI possible.

The Best Social Media Advertising Agency For Plastic Surgeons, realdrseattle®

realdrseattle® is a cosmetic and plastic surgery marketing company with a knack for social media and advertising. We make ads that convert and place them in front of those most likely to convert. Our clients see more clicks for less cost with social media Pay-Per-Click ads.

Specializing in the cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, and medical spa fields, realdrseattle® knows the ins and outs of the industry. This industry knowledge allows us to create the most effective ads and make the most of any advertising budget.

Some Advertisements We've Made

Grow Your Social Media with The Best Social Media Advertising Agency For Plastic Surgeons, realdrseattle®


What is SaaS?
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SaaS stands for "software as a service" and entails companies selling access to software. realdrseattle® provides SaaS products built by in-demand developers to plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, and medical spas around the country.
How Can SaaS Tools Benefit My Practice?
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It is likely that you are already using SaaS tools in your practice. Email, Office 365, Google Calendar, and other cloud based services are all examples of SaaS. SaaS products can help you get more leads, organize your practice, communicate with patients effectively, and so much more.
Why Is SaaS Important?
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SaaS allows for free or low cost access to complicated web-based tools and software that can become the backbone of your office. Also, since they are cloud-based, losing information is less likely and easier to access than non-cloud based products. SaaS products save time and seamlessly scale with your business making software products the future of marketing in all industries.
What Can I Expect When Working With realdrseattle® For SaaS?
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Our team works to provide helpful, simple, and easy-to-use SaaS products. We offer free customer service and technical help during our working hours. Your representative is there to integrate SaaS into your office and get you more leads and marketing success.

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