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Well thought out, informative content educates patients and increase search engine rankings.

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Well written and managed content is one of the secrets to SEO and ranking high in search engines. Plastic surgery is a nuanced and interesting field that patients often research extensively before choosing to schedule a consultation. It is important that patients have some understanding of the surgeries they are interested in before their initial appointment.

Content marketing educates users and improves SEO ranking through the use of informative web pages, blog posts, and social media. With 63% of businesses not having a content marketing plan, realdrseattle® provides custom content for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa sites to educate leads and increase search engine rankings.

The Importance Of Custom Content

Custom content is one of the most underutilized aspects of plastic surgery marketing. Unlike other industries, patients often conduct thorough research before converting. If a plastic surgeon’s website contains well written and researched content, a website user is 6 times more likely to convert after engaging with website content.

Beyond more conversions, custom content builds trust in the website user. Well thought out, informative content gives the patient a reason to trust the practice. In fact, 82% of users feel more positively about a business after reading customized content.

SEO Benefits Of

Content Marketing

Google wants websites to be different and unique. In an industry where surgeons and estheticians perform the same or similar procedures, it may seem difficult to create unique content. realdrseattle® identifies the individual factors that make our clients extraordinary. realdrseattle's® in-house content writers create SEO optimized content custom to every client and their practice.

realdrseattle® Cosmetic Surgeon Content Marketing Services

Blog Posts

We help you improves SEO ranking through the use of informative web pages, blog posts, and social media.

Topic Research

realdrseattle® uses various resources and research methods to determine the best keywords for a given procedure and practice. They then use these keywords to signal that a client’s website is authoritative and relevant to that topic.

Competitor Research

Content curation requires looking at the strategy of competitors. Seeing the keywords, information, and strategies present in their content allow our content writers to give our clients an advantage.

Creation of Relevant Content Pages

The content writers at realdrseattle® use proprietary standards for headers, content length, and other aspects of content to promote a high rank in search engines. We outrank competitors by examining and analyzing competitor’s content strategies to provide the best custom content for plastic surgeons.

Curation of An Internal Linking Structure

Establishing trust with website users, especially in the medical spa, plastic, and cosmetic surgery industries is vital to conversions. Custom content is a way to engage and educate potential leads. This curates better informed consults that are more likely to book.

Content Update and Deletion Upon Request

realdrseattle® helps you update and delete contents accordingly whenever there is the need.

Keyword research, tracking, and strategy

An important part of on-page SEO is utilizing targeted keywords within webpage content. However, this must be done strategically as Google’s algorithm can recognize keyword spamming or irrelevancy. As part of the writing process, our writers research the keywords related to a given procedure as well as review keyword ranking goals.

Med Spa Content Marketing Results

Our client, PRPInSeattle, first approached us with a unique problem. Due to their speciality in regenerative treatments utilizing platelet rich plasma, they could not use Google Pay-Per-Click ads. This dramatically hindered their business because they relied heavily on PPC campaigns prior to Google’s policy change.

At realdrseattle®, we took on the challenge of getting PRPInSeattle to rank organically using only custom content and SEO strategy. Building a site from scratch, our content writers began crafting new, effective content for their site.

Traffic increse of PRPInSeattle’s microneedling page

The headings include geotags for target markets as well as long tail keywords. For example, “What Can I Expect After Microneedling With PRP In Kirkland?” includes the keyword “what can I expect after microneedling with PRP?” as well as “microneedling with PRP in Kirkland”.

realdrseattle® employed these strategies across the entire PRPInSeattle website. Following the launch of their new website and the best content marketing for medical spas, PRPInSeattle began to recover the business lost due to the forced discontinuation of PPC ads.

New Content for PRPInSeattle

65.2% of traffic to their website now comes from organic searches alone. The remainder of searches come from direct links or referrals to the site attributed to content sharing, backlinks, or previous website visits. Compared to under 50% of their traffic coming from organic channels prior to realdrseattle's® plastic surgery content marketing services, their organic traffic and leads increased dramatically.

Immediately following the launch of the custom content on PRPInSeattle, they saw the organic traffic to their site increase exponentially in a matter of days. After the initial launch, their organic users continued to climb and the website averages nearly 10,000 views per month.

realdrseattle®, The Best In Content Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

65% of businesses find it challenging to create engaging content, especially on a consistent basis. realdrseattle's® in-house content writers conduct thorough and extensive research to edge out competitors. Ranking #1 on Google requires only the best content marketing company, realdrseattle®.

realdrseattle's® content marketing and management services have improved their client’s rankings and contributed to low ROI. With a history of providing the best custom content for plastic surgery websites, realdrseattle's® content can make the difference in Google search rankings.

Develop Your Cotent Strategy with The Best Content Marketing Agency For Plastic Surgeons, realdrseattle®


What is SaaS?
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SaaS stands for "software as a service" and entails companies selling access to software. realdrseattle® provides SaaS products built by in-demand developers to plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, and medical spas around the country.
How Can SaaS Tools Benefit My Practice?
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It is likely that you are already using SaaS tools in your practice. Email, Office 365, Google Calendar, and other cloud based services are all examples of SaaS. SaaS products can help you get more leads, organize your practice, communicate with patients effectively, and so much more.
Why Is SaaS Important?
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SaaS allows for free or low cost access to complicated web-based tools and software that can become the backbone of your office. Also, since they are cloud-based, losing information is less likely and easier to access than non-cloud based products. SaaS products save time and seamlessly scale with your business making software products the future of marketing in all industries.
What Can I Expect When Working With realdrseattle® For SaaS?
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Our team works to provide helpful, simple, and easy-to-use SaaS products. We offer free customer service and technical help during our working hours. Your representative is there to integrate SaaS into your office and get you more leads and marketing success.

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