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SEO is tricky, especially in the cosmetic surgery industry. It is ever changing and Google can change the rules overnight. This could take a website from the top of the rankings to the bottom with just a few instant algorithm changes. realdrseattle® specializes in getting and keeping our clients on page one.

Busy plastic and cosmetic surgeons often do not have the time to handle this evolving facet of marketing. This is where realdrseattle® comes in. Our team of SEO experts understand the on-page and off-page elements of Search Engine Optimization and how it pertains to the plastic surgery industry. realdrseattle® provides the best SEO for plastic surgeons with the focus of getting them #1 on Google.

What Is SEO & Types For Plastic Surgeons?

It is difficult to distill SEO down to one simple concept. In brief, SEO is a variety of factors that Google and search engines use to determine organic search results. Internet users usually will not go beyond the first page of Google and almost never scroll past the second or third pages. Therefore, websites must rank on the first page to convert.

What are the factors that affect SEO? In marketing, we usually break SEO into three categories: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

  • On-Page SEO: On-page SEO are the Search Engine Optimization factors that appear on the page of your website. This can include: content, images, videos, alternative text, and internal links.
  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO refers mainly to the backlinks to your website, but can account for other factors that influence ranking such as: social media, health of backlinks, and reviews.
  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO is an often overlooked aspect of Search Engine Optimization. This ensures that your website code is easily readable by search engine crawlers and also takes into account aspects of your site like: site speed, proper media optimization, and the sitemap.
The Importance Of Local SEO For Plastic Surgeons

Local SEO refers to the search results related to a specific local area. For example, the search results for “plastic surgery” may show results from practices all over the world. It is also going to be extremely hard to rank for this keyword due to it’s broadness. However, “plastic surgery Seattle” is a localized result and should only show practices in or near Seattle. This makes this keyword and other related keywords easier to rank for.

Focusing on the locales of or near a practice is the best way to reach potential patients. realdrseattle® thoroughly researches our client’s market and adjacent markets to create a personalized SEO strategy. Our ultimate goal is to rank on page one for as many keywords as possible.

The realdrseattle® SEO Strategy For Cosmetic Surgery

At realdrseattle®, we utilize advanced SEO tools and techniques to send your practice’s website to the top of the rankings. While we monitor Google’s ranking factors and updates, we anticipate trends in SEO and make adaptable sites.

Consistently staying on top of the rankings takes vigilance and hours of hard work. realdrseattle® takes this on so that clients can focus on their patients. As part of our SEO strategy, we use the following tactics, among countless others:

Original & Custom Content

The goal of Google and other search engines is to serve the best result every time. If a website has well written and informative content, Google identifies this and places at a high rank.

Simply using keywords you want to rank for is not enough. Content must use keywords people are actually searching for and provide relevant information. The average word count for page one content is 1,447, which the vast majority of plastic surgery content pages fall below.

realdrseattle’s® in-house content writers perform localized SEO research, targeted keyword research, and write original content. They will customize it to every client, practice, and individual technique. We use proprietary standards to create Google friendly content made to rank on page one.

Thirty days after the custom content for PRPInSeattle was published, an average of 90% of users visited more than one page on the website. This significant increase in user engagement with the content has led to PRPInSeattle seeing even more conversions than when they ran PPC campaigns.

Link Management & Curation

Links are broken down into three categories: internal, external, and backlinks.

Internal links are links from one page on your website to another page on your website. Having a clear and strong internal linking structure allows Google to crawl and index sites easier. At realdrseattle®, our content writers and web designers work together to produce link-rich content.

External links are links from a client website to another website. External links have many benefits. First, it may help users. For example, placing links to the financing companies a practice works with makes it easier for patients to find. Secondly, external links build site authority. External links cite sources, comment on the latest news, and link to your social media. Google favors sites that use external links well.

Backlinks are an important Google ranking factor and a signal to the health and authority of a site. Backlinks are when an external site links to a client’s site. Not only can this drive traffic to the site, but it can increase rankings. The realdrseattle® team builds backlinks through a variety of sources including blog posts and press releases.

Technical SEO

In simplest terms, technical SEO is anything that makes a site easier to index or crawl for search engines. Managing the technical SEO of a website is arduous and tedious. At realdrseattle® we take care of the technical side of things for our clients. From daily sitemap submissions to photo optimization, realdrseattle® keeps our sites fast and crawlable. Two factors which will push them up the Google rankings.

Plastic Surgery SEO In Action

We performed an entire site re-design and wrote new SEO optimized content pages as well as performed SEO optimization tasks, such as:

  • Improved site speed
  • Created and implemented alternate text
  • Optimized metadata
  • Managed links

After the official launch of their new website, Northwest Face & Body saw the number of users increase. This influx of users naturally led to more conversions. The SEO improvements we made on more crawlable and indexable.

Graph showing launch day results
Plastic Surgery SEO Marketing Agency, realdrseattle®

Getting straight to the point, realdrseattle® is the best at Search Engine Optimization when it comes to cosmetic surgery, medical spas, and plastic surgery. Founded and operated by people in the industry, realdrseattle® knows the secret to getting websites to rank #1 on Google.

We have helped clients from all around the country improve website SEO. There is no reason to try and keep up with the ever changing world of SEO when realdrseattle® is already ahead of the trends. Stay ahead with the best plastic SEO in the business at realdrseattle®.

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Quality Leads


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Some Advertisements We've Made

Some Advertisements We've Made

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What is plastic surgery SEO?
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SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization” which is the optimization of websites to fit a search engine algorithm. SEO also caters to internet user’s preferences and needs when searching online. SEO encompasses the content and technical aspects of your website. When it comes to “plastic surgery SEO”, keyword research and photo optimization are two of the keys to plastic surgery SEO. While Google has its own algorithm for determining an authoritative website, each industry has website standards. Since we only focus on SEO for the plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa industries, we understand the nuances of the industry. realdrseattle® caters your SEO especially to your practice and the newest standards. Maintaining good SEO aids moving up the Google rankings and pushes your practice to the top of the search results.
What is local SEO for plastic surgery centers?
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Local SEO refers to the local pack results. For example, if you search “tummy tuck Seattle”, you should see a box with Google Maps results. This is referred to as the “local pack”. Websites and practices can move on and off of the local pack. Appearing in this section of the search results puts your website above the first organic search result. Another facet of local SEO is appearing in organic searches related to the city or general area of your practice. “Tummy tuck Seattle” is an easier keyword to rank for than “tummy tuck”. Therefore, at realdrseattle®, we utilize various strategies to achieve high local SEO rankings. realdrseattle® uses localized keywords, directory listing, Google My Business, and many other strategies to get you ranking high in the local search engine results.
How long does SEO take for a plastic surgery website?
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The amount of time it takes to see your website move up the search results largely depends on your SEO strategy. Our services package outlines an estimated time to rank page one based upon the performed services. For the Platinum package, it is expected to take around 3-4 months to reach page one. The Gold package takes between 6-9 months. Finally, the Silver package estimates to reach page one in 12-15 months. In general, the average amount of time it takes to see major search result changes is around six months. Google and other search engines need time to index your new website. Based on the increase in traffic and plastic surgery SEO optimized design and content, search engines should begin to place your website higher in search rankings.
How much do cosmetic surgery SEO services cost?
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Cosmetic surgery SEO services range in cost. At realdrseattle®, we offer packages for every level of cosmetic surgery SEO needs. Whether you need a little of our secret sauce, or a complete SEO strategy built from scratch, realdrseattle® provides the solution for your cosmetic surgery practice. Our SEO services are broken down into the following packages: Platinum Package: $20,000 set up, $5,000 monthly Gold Package: $10,000 set up, $3,500 monthly Silver Package: $5,000 set up, $2,000 monthly For more information about what each SEO package involves, visit our pricing page. Additionally, custom SEO packages are available.

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