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Why PPC Matters for Plastic Surgeons

Pay-Per-Click ads, also referred to as PPC, immediately place your practice and website on the first page of a search engine. This placement, however, comes with a cost of every click an ad gets, regardless of if it converts or not. Plastic surgeons have long taken advantage of PPC to get ahead of competition and to boost traffic to their websites. And it works.

When utilized improperly, plastic surgery PPC can end up costing money and bloating ad spend. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons should not have to take time away from patients to focus or worry about PPC. Allow the plastic surgery PPC experts at realdrseattle® get you the most from your ads budget.

Why does PPC matter? Because it works. According to PPC experts:

  • Search engine ads increase brand awareness up to 80%
  • Visitors that come from PPC are 50% more likely to purchase/convert
  • For every $1 of Google Ads spend, business make $2
  • 75% of internet users say paid advertising makes it easier to find what they are looking for

realdrseattle® can utilize PPC ads to get you a variety of advantages. Goals of PPC campaigns include:

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Product advertising
  • Advertising of specials and deals

Realdrseattle® : Plastic Surgery PPC Management Services

realdrseattle® will create and deploy original ads to fit many purposes. From brand awareness to selling products to advertising your specials, we will customize your ads to fit every practice.

There are many advantages to choosing realdrseattle® for your PPC. Our PPC experts will optimize ad spend through the utilization of:

Keyword Optimized Ad Copy

Before creating and writing your ads from scratch, we conduct keyword research and analyze ads from competitors. Our PPC ad experts then draft effective ad copy that utilizes a range of long and short tail keywords most relevant to your plastic surgery practice or medspa.

Along with pinpointing the keyword searches where your ads convert most, we identify negative keywords where your PPC does not convert or has a low ROI. This prevents ineffective ads from draining ad spend.

Diversified Ads

Traditional search engine PPC ads work. In fact, 41.1% of clicks on Google’s first page are ad clicks. But,what happens when Google changes their algorithm or regulations and takes down ads? In these cases, surgeons and medspas are left without PPC, sometimes indefinitely.

realdrseattle® diversifies ads across platforms. This includes Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. Therefore, ads reach a broader audience and are less likely to be taken down unexpectedly.

Strategic Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting ads are PPC ads shown to users who have already visited your website or clicked on your ads. This strategy has proven effective on all platforms and is especially important for plastic surgery and medical spa marketing.

The click-through-rate for retargeting ads is 10 times higher than display ads. At realdrseattle®, we utilize retargeting on all platforms which garners more conversions and higher ROI because these users are more likely to convert.

We’re The Best At PPC: For Cosmetic Surgeons

Unlike other marketing agencies that only place spam filters on contact forms, realdrseattle® uses a proprietary PPC fraud and competitor click system that monitors Google PPC clicks. It flags and filters competitor and fraudulent clicks.

We send these flagged fraudulent and competitor click reports to Google who may directly credit your AdWords account. Even if Google does not agree with the report and does not issue a refund, our realdrseattle® plastic surgery and medspa PPC experts block the IP addresses from viewing more ads from your domain.

In short, we protect your ads budget from competitors and spammers.

Keyword Optimized Ad Copy

realdrseattle® are experts at medspa, cosmetic, and plastic surgery PPC. Our clients see high ROI with better conversion rates. Need proof?

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice in Seattle, WA. Having cultivated their organic rankings well, Allure Esthetic wanted to try out Pay-Per-Click advertising to see if they could capture more leads and drive traffic to the website.

realdrseattle® created customized PPC ads for Allure Esthetic. Utilizing keyword targeting and plastic surgery advertising strategies, we successfully drove new traffic and conversions to the Allure Esthetic website.

Graph showing website traffic

Allure Esthetic now sees over 5,000 ad clicks per month. Prior to realdrseattle's® management of Allure Esthetic’s PPC, they saw 1,200 clicks with the same budget. With a projected conversion rate of over 4%, realdrseattle® successfully lowered our client’s ROI and increased the number of search results where appears.

Realdrseattle® : The Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery PPC Experts

realdrseattle® is a plastic surgery marketing company that specializes in medspa, and cosmetic surgery PPC. PPC for these industries is difficult because of Google’s regulations, the cost of procedures, and higher costs for keyword targeting. At realdrseattle®, we were created by cosmetic and plastic surgeons and a team of professionals who have successfully used PPC to grow practices all over the United States.

How much?

$199/month with Free Trial!

What's Included?

Two-Way Texting

Unlimited texting to and from any number in the USA and Canada.

Text Notifications

Price Simulator™ automatically texts your leads to enhance conversions.

Full Service

Our developers will install, integrate and implement the Price Simulator™.

X-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms for both mobile and desktop.

Quality Leads

Quality Leads


Price Simulator™ was designed with the future in mind and is built to handle additional functions with ease and simplicity.

User Experience

Price Simulator™ provides great user experience with instant information. All with just a few clicks.


Gain more time to focus on other tasks while the Price Simulator™ continues to work for you 24/7.

Peace of Mind

Updates happen in the background for seamless experience.

Customer Support

We provide full customer support for Price Simulator™ web app, including updates and integration.

Fully Customizable

Price Simulator™ is fully customizable to your practice procedures, logos, and branding.

HIPAA Compliant

Price Simulator™ is HIPAA compliant to protect you and your patients.

Some Advertisements We've Made

Some Advertisements We've Made

Case Studies


What is PPC?
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PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. It is a type of online advertising designed to increase traffic to websites. The advertiser pays per click to the ad. It is most commonly seen in search engines where the PPC ads are placed at the top of the search results and marked as “Sponsored” or “Ad”. Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. Like many other online paid advertising avenues, PPC allows for targeting of searched keywords.
How does PPC advertising work?
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PPC advertising works under a “pay per click” model. The advertiser is only charged when the ad is clicked on. This works in the advertisers favor because the search engine or social media platform algorithm will work to identify where the ad garners the most clicks. At realdrseattle®, we take it a step further. In the creation and set up of PPC ads, we do exhaustive keyword research and maximize your ad’s reach before the search engines. Our plastic surgery PPC experts get your ads seen by people who click and engage. A few ways we maximize ads for your cosmetic surgery practice include: Retargeting Campaigns: People who have already clicked on your ads are more likely to convert in the future. Therefore, we make sure your cosmetic surgery PPC campaigns are set to retarget people already interested in your practice. Locally Optimized Ads: Searching for places “near me” has become common when searching for a business. Optimizing your ad copy to fit your local area will help them get in front of people nearby. We also achieve this by targeting localized keywords with PPC as well as optimizing ad copy. Platform Diversification: Google Adwords is usually the first step for PPC advertising. However, plenty of other search engines and social media platforms also offer PPC ads. Taking advantage of these other platforms diversifies your ads across the internet. It means that more people will see your ads, but it also means that people will see your ads more in general. Even with a limited budget, this method can be extremely effective. The above strategies are only a few aspects of how realdrseattle® leverages the PPC ad structure to get you more clicks for less money. We know plastic surgery PPC and employ the best methods for improving your return on investment.
How much should I spend on PPC to promote my plastic surgery practice?
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The amount of money you should spend on PPC depends on the size, location, and other aspects of your plastic surgery practice. realdrseattle® can make PPC effective with any size budget. The plastic surgery keywords have notoriously high search volumes. This means that targeting plastic surgery related keywords requires a higher budget than other industries. Even with these high search volumes, this does not mean you need a $10,000 budget. When you contact realdrseattle®, we can discuss your practice, goals, and budget to determine the best plastic surgery PPC plan for your website.
What are the best cosmetic surgery PPC keywords?
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The best cosmetic surgery PPC keywords vary widely based on the procedures you perform, goals for your advertising campaigns, and location of your practice. When you let realdrseattle® create cosmetic surgery PPC ads, we perform keyword and market research. Every city, state, and country has a slightly different market for cosmetic surgery and different regulations. Therefore, the keywords that will be most effective in your market may not match other practice’s. Our PPC experts will identify the best keywords to target and continually audit ads and keywords for effectiveness.

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