Top 10 Medical Spa Marketing Strategies For 2021

Medical spa marketing is a unique niche market that many marketing companies fail to properly target. Unlike other industries where traditional marketing still makes up a large portion of advertising budgets, effective medical spa marketing takes place almost entirely online. Collecting leads this way, while it may seem initially easier, is an agonizing and difficult task. realdrseattle® specializes in the medical spa marketing niche and has found proven, innovative ways to get our clients more leads. Let’s look at the top 10 medical marketing strategies to get you more leads.

#1: Invest In Well Written Content

Choosing not to have informative, well written content on your medical spa website is one of the most commonly seen mistakes in the industry. Not only do successful marketers invest in content marketing, but well over half of consumers also say that website content influenced their decision to buy or seek more information. In the medical spa industry, patients often want to understand and research their procedures and providers before their treatment. Providing this information on your website gains authority and lets potential patients know that they can trust your medical spa with their care.Along with consumers and your patients, well written, easy-to-read content also educates another important asset to your medical spa, Google’s algorithm. The content on your website tells Google what keywords and topics to rank your website for. The longer and more informative your content, the better Google can judge your website. This results in better and more organic rankings on search engines.

#2: Get On Social Media (If You’re Not Already)

The beauty and skincare industries are dominated by social media. Whether or not you currently have a social media presence, it is nearly required in today’s digital marketing space. While it may seem impossible to earn social media followers and credibility with so many large influencers already dominating the platforms, it is not impossible. You do not need to be a successful influencer for your medical spa to benefit from social media. Here are a few benefits to getting on and staying active on social media:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Showcase before and afters
  • Easily announce and advertise specials
  • Run social media ads
  • Interact with followers, potential patients, and existing patients in a more casual setting
  • Create a more personal feeling connection with current and future patients
  • Funnel traffic to your website

#3: Don’t Put Your Ads Budget All In One Place (aka Google)

Within the digital marketing space, medical spas tend to focus on Google Ads. Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform that places curated ads within the search results for certain keywords and queries. It is a powerful tool medspas can use to get website traffic and get noticed when building their website and online presence.Google Ads is still the most popular and effective mode of online paid advertising today. 78% of marketers use Google Ads, including your competitors. Therefore, any strong medical spa marketing budget should focus on Google Ads. However, at realdrseattle®, we have found it is a waste of time and money to only use Google Ads for PPC ads. Let’s look into how you can increase your ROI by moving just 20-40% of your ads budget off Google Ads.The average cost per click in the health and medical industries is $2.62. Cost per click is the average cost of obtaining one click on your ad, this click may or may not convert. In most cases, the cost per conversion is higher. While this CPC is not the highest among all industries, it is higher than most. However, on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the average cost per click is $1.32 for the medical industry. Spreading your ads out among online advertisers comes with several distinct advantages, such as the ability to more precisely target your audience on social media, reach more people, and grow your social media accounts. Though the most important benefit is that it saves you money and can increase return on investment.

#4: Incentivize And Monitor Reviews

With a simple Google search, a potential patient can pull up reviews of your medical spa from multiple sources within seconds. Additionally, the number and overall rating of your Google reviews influence your website rankings. Everyone gets a bad review occasionally, but if you do not monitor your reviews this one bad review can damage your SEO.While not all bad reviews can or should be removed, you can prevent and address them. Reach out to those who leave a bad review and try to fix the situation. realdrseattle® can also use our proprietary online reputation management software and knowledge to prevent bad reviews from being posted in the first place. One of our strategies includes incentivizing reviews. Talk with patients before they leave your medical spa and offer a reward for posting a review. This can earn you good reviews and keep patients happy and coming back.

#5: Get Listed In Directories

The 21st century equivalent of phone books--online directories--are places where you can list relevant information such as your website URL, phone number, and address. This not only earns you exposure but in the case of your website URL, a backlink. Backlinks are links from another website to your website. The links impact website authority and ranking. The more good quality backlinks you have, the better your site is likely to rank. Some directories are well known such as Google My Business, Yelp, and YellowPages. However, you may have to go searching for others.It is usually free to list your medical spa on these websites. Though, sometimes they may require that you claim an existing page, contact their admins, or show proof of the business or ownership. realdrseattle® performs this process for all of our web design and SEO clients and has found that it can boost initial rankings significantly.

#6: Redesign Your Before & After Gallery

In the medical spa field, before and after photos are everything. Patients often make choices on which spa to choose based on their before and after photos. If your photo gallery does not display the photos well, if the photos are low quality, or it is hard to use, this can worsen the user experience and lead to potential patients choosing a competitor.Redesigning your photo gallery to be more attractive and user-friendly increases website traffic and tends to reduce bounce rates. Additionally, with the 2021 Google algorithm updates, user experience now is a determining factor for rankings.

#7: Localize, Localize, Localize

A frequent mistake seen in the medical spa industry is marketing materials that are too broad. This can include anything from content to ads to your social media. While it seems smart to target as wide of an area as possible, it is unlikely that patients will travel more than a few hours for a medical spa. It is best to focus your marketing primarily within one hundred or so miles of your location. Some ads you may even localize to just your city, or a neighborhood. Luckily, even with localization, if you have a quality website, you will likely still rank outside of your local area for some search terms. Thus, you can also set some broader marketing campaigns and strategies to continue to reach well beyond your locale. Generally, it is best to focus 90% or more of your marketing efforts close to your local area because these are the people most likely to become patients. Instead of reaching an audience that is geographically broad while only reaching 40% of the people who are most likely to book, when you localize, you are more likely to reach 80-90% of your ideal clients. This leads to higher conversion rates.

#8: Offer Multiple Ways To Convert

As you likely already know, conversions come in many different forms: phone calls, emails, contact form fills, and more. It can be difficult to manage leads coming from various sources. However, it is important to keep as many lines of contact open as possible. There are many resources available to help smaller medical spas manage leads from several sources.If your goal is to get more leads through, offering multiple ways to get into contact with your office is vital. A few examples include online chat, email, phone, text, contact forms, and social media. Leave your DMs open, implement interactive lead generation tools, and publicize your contact information.

#9: Get Price Simulator® For More Leads Instantly

Speaking of interactive lead generation tools, Price Simulator® is a web application that sits on your website and delivers you leads. It uses an interactive and engaging platform to give web users information they want--an idea of price--while providing with what you want--lead information. All you have to do is work all of the new leads!Price transparency is a growing expectation and trend in the medical and cosmetic industries. Pricing--or at least a rough idea of it--can make or break a lead’s decision to convert. In the past, this led to medical spa disguising their pricing and forcing contact to get it. This only led to higher bounce rates and frustrated patients and staff. Patients had to work to get what they wanted and the staff may not be able to collect lead information. Therefore, the lead gets lost and is unable to be followed up on. Price Simulator® prevents this situation by delivering each party exactly what they want quickly and transparently. Not to mention, Price Simulator® also boosts SEO and user experience.

#10: Let Us Focus On Your Marketing While You Focus On Your Patients

Medical spa marketing and SEO is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. Why do it all on your own? Medical spa directors and staff’s priority is serving their patients, not marketing. It should stay that way.Let the medical spa marketing professionals at realdrseattle® handle your online presence. The realdrseattle® team can manage everything from your Instagram feed to your paid ads and beyond. Combining marketing know-how and medical spa industry knowledge, realdrseattle® is the top creative and marketing agency for medical spas.Call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via chat or contact form. For more information on Price Simulator®, visit the Price Simulator® website. If you’re ready to take the next steps forward, you can reach a marketing specialist directly at 206-973-7865.

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