We were getting so many leads and so many phone calls we asked realdrseattle® to decrease our ad spend.



Pay-Per-Click advertising is a type of online marketing that funnels leads to your website and digital marketing outlets. Usually, this places your medical spa as one of the top results for a specific set of chosen keywords. This can drive traffic and conversions to your website. Solid, profitable PPC campaigns require someone versed in online marketing for medical spas and time. Medical spa owners often begin their Med Spa PPC pursuits on their own. This can be a great start to getting your medical spa out there. However, medical spa owners and managers focus on providing results for their patients and may not have the time to dedicate to medical spa PPC. The Pay-Per-Click advertising experts at realdrseattle® can create and manage effective PPC campaigns that convert more and cost less.


Pay-Per-Click ads are an important part of medical spa marketing. 41% of clicks go to the first three ad results. They place you in these top three so that your medical spa is seen before your competitors. Of these web result clicks, users who come from PPC ads are 50% more likely to convert. Therefore, taking care to develop a strong PPC presence will increase your leads.

Medical spa PPC requires careful consideration of the procedures you do, your local market, and your competitors. The medical spa is especially competitive and there may be multiple spas in the same city offering the same or similar procedures. Your ads need to stand out and be seen above the rest.

realdrseattle® is a marketing agency that specializes in medical Pay-Per-Click advertising. Our PPC experts know how to deliver ads to the web searchers ready to book. How do we do this?


realdrseattle® conducts thorough research and analysis of the best keywords for your market and what your competitors do. Along with some of our secret sauce, we implement and manage PPC ads that increase your ROI and save you money on your medical spa advertising.

We do not just build effective PPC ads. realdrseattle® also protects your ads budget to prevent wasting your money on ineffective marketing. We use various methods to stretch and protect your budget to ensure the best medical spa PPC. Schedule a call with a marketing specialist to learn how realdrseattle® can better manage your Pay-Per-Click ads.


Med Spa PPC Budget Protection

Due to the fierce competition in the medical spa industry, it is not uncommon for medical spa PPC to fall victim to competitors and spam clicks. We protect against these fraudulent clicks using a proprietary PPC fraud and competitor click monitoring tool. This system flags suspicious clicks on your PPC. These reports are submitted to Google who may credit your AdWords account for these fraudulent clicks.

Even if Google does not credit your Google AdWords account, realdrseattle® will block these IP addresses from seeing any of your future PPC campaigns, protecting your ads from future fraud and competitor clicks. Benefits of this PPC protection include:

Med Spa Keyword Strategy

One of the keys to an advantageous PPC campaign is choosing the right keywords. Like with content marketing and SEO, keywords are just as important to PPC. Typically, our PPC experts will create keyword-rich ad copy and will choose specific keywords and search terms they want the ad to appear for. Different keywords will be more effective for certain locations and medspas than others.

When you first come on board for medical spa PPC advertising with realdrseattle®, our PPC strategists will research your local market and medical spa to determine the right keywords that will get you the best results. The most effective type of PPC is text ads and we take advantage of this with our comprehensive keyword strategies. Benefits of a PPC keyword strategy from realdrseattle® include:

Med Spa Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting refers to a PPC strategy that shows your ads to people who have clicked, but not yet converted. Retargeting may also encompass people who have visited one of your web pages before. This method is used in both Google ads and social media ads. realdrseattle® sets up retargeting campaigns for all of our PPC ads because re-targeting is among one of the most effective medical spa PPC strategies. Benefits of retargeting campaigns are:


MEDICAL SPA PPC WITH realdrseattle®

realdrseattle® builds Pay-Per-Click ads that convert and increase ROI. Our PPC ads specialists can bring traffic to your website and more overall conversions. When you choose realdrseattle® for your medical spa PPC, you can expect:

To learn more about realdrseattle® can save you money on your advertising budget through effective Pay-Per-Click advertising, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via our contact page.



Pay-Per-Click ads for medspa marketing work similarly to other industries. realdrseattle® will create ads that search engines display on specific Google search results. The advertiser (your medical spa) is only charged when someone clicks on that ad. You set the budget ahead of time and when the clicks reach the budget, ads will stop displaying. Typically, Google’s algorithm spaces out ads per your monthly budget to keep ads running at all times.

For medical spas, PPC ads are focused on related keywords. For example, if a medical spa in Houston offers microneedling, our PPC experts may set their microneedling ads to appear for the keywords “microneedling in Houston” and “Houston microneedling”. Your ad will then appear for those search terms.

Online advertising like PPC has become essential to most businesses in the 21st century. This is especially true of medical spas who often offer unique and customized services. 58% of millennials have purchased a product or service from a PPC ad. To stay ahead of the competition, PPC is vital to your medical spa. Other important statistics that show the necessity of PPC for medical spa marketing are:

  • Search engine PPC increases brand awareness by over 80%
  • 75% of web searchers say that PPC makes it easier to find the product or service they are looking for
  • 96% of businesses are using Google Ads (including your competitors)

Another stat, 72% of companies have not looked at their ads for over a month. This is a major mistake that can cost you money. At realdrseattle®, we perform daily and weekly maintenance and optimization of your medical spa PPC ad campaigns.

The cost of PPC services from realdrseattle® depends on your PPC budget. Our marketing specialists can make recommendations for your budget based on the size of your medical spa and marketing needs. However, you largely set your PPC budget. realdrseattle® then charges 15% of your PPC budget.

If you are interested in our other services such as website design, content marketing, or SEO, our packages offer comprehensive pricing on our costs page.

realdrseattle® diversifies your PPC across many different platforms. We focus on traditional search engines such as Google and Bing. However, we can also create and manage social media ads on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

realdrseattle® is a medical marketing company that specializes in the medical spa, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery industries. We know these industries because we are in them. Created by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, realdrseattle® provides the all-in-one solution for medical spa PPC and marketing.

To find out more about how realdrseattle® can save your money on medical spa PPC, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via our contact page.


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