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I became worried when PPC ads were not paying off for facelift procedures, but realdrseattle® really helped our PPC efforts pay off in the end and I've never had more facelift leads.



There is no denying the influence social media has had on the cosmetic industry. Nearly half of people who undergo surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures stated that social media influenced their decision. Whether they found a medical spa or plastic surgeon via Instagram or saw their favorite celebrity get chemical peels, social media is a powerful medical spa marketing tool. Social media platforms have created many ways for medical spas to reach potential patients through post promotion, business profiles, and paid advertising. At realdrseattle®, we know the ins and outs of social media marketing for medical spas. We take advantage of every platform to get you noticed and increase leads via social channels.



Medical spas exist in a marketing niche extremely conducive to social media. Since medical spas offer a range of non-surgical procedures and therapies, social media is the perfect place to exhibit services, products, and results. This presents a perfect opportunity for medspas to take advantage of social media platforms.

realdrseattle® is a full service marketing agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing to medical spas, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic surgeons. We know the medical spa industry because we were created by industry leaders in both the medical spa and marketing worlds. Managing your social media profile and social ads while also running a successful medical spa can be difficult and exhausting. Let the social media experts at realdrseattle® handle your social media profile and ad campaigns.

Every social media marketing strategy from realdrseattle® is custom tailored to your practice and location. Our medical spa social media marketing delivers more leads and conversions for a lower cost than traditional PPC advertising.


A compelling social media strategy does not focus solely on one social media platform nor method. It also requires frequent posting and engagement with followers. realdrseattle® leverages your social media profiles to drive traffic to your website. We also garner more leads and conversions with a track record of growing our client’s social media presence.

The social media management and marketing realdrseattle® offers ranges from managing social media posts to social ad campaigns. Our social media experts construct a powerful and influential presence on social media for your medical spa.

During a consultation with one of our medical spa marketing specialists, they will examine your current social media, or analyze where your medspa could take advantage of social media. They will then construct a social media strategy custom to your medical spa and local market.

A social media strategy from realdrseattle® helps your medical spa reach a broader audience. It can also increase SEO rankings, build trust with your patients, and strengthen your brand. While every strategy differs, a few of the common threads in our social media marketing plans are:


Custom Ad Creation

Creating ads for social media involves more than keyword-rich, well written copy. Visual and video elements are often part of social media ads because they exist on visual driven platforms. Therefore, social media ads must stand out in a way that search engine PPC does not. realdrseattle’s® distinguished designers create attractive social media ads meant to drive traffic and conversions to your website.

Effective Ad Targeting

Traditional Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to control what keywords and searches your ads appear on. Social media marketing gives you even more filters. For example, on Facebook, we can target certain ages, occupations, locations, those who like certain pages or topics, and other demographics. This can refine your audience significantly which puts your ads in front of people ready to convert.

The realdrseattle® medical spa advertising specialists will research your local market to determine which parameters will bring you the best results. Another benefit of social media marketing is that the cost per click on social media ads is usually lower. This spreads your marketing budget further and diversifies your ad portfolio to reach more potential patients.

Ongoing Management

Social media is not something that is strategized and then forgotten. Social media profiles and ads require daily maintenance and management to keep up with the latest trends and remain relevant. When running a medical spa, creating posts, posting, and keeping up with your followers is difficult. realdrseattle® takes on the daily and weekly management of all your social media profiles to keep them up-to-date.

Social media management may include services like:



Medical spa social media advertising requires customized marketing that realdrseattle® provides through our array of social media marketing services. Nestled within the medical spa industry, realdrseattle® evaluates each medical spa individually. Then, we build an ideal medical spa social media marketing strategy. Some of the social media advertising services realdrseattle® offers to medical spas are:

realdrseattle’s® social media experts know what works and what doesn’t in today’s social media sphere. They can evaluate your current social media efforts and help grow your voice within the medical spa social media world.


Yes! If your medical spa currently does not have a social media presence, realdrseattle® can build one. Social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all offer a way to connect with your patients and potential clients. From promoting current specials to livestreaming treatments, social media allows you to engage and interact with patients in innovative ways.

It is important to note that your medical spa needs to be active on social media to gain traction. Simply having an Instagram account with a few posts will not bring in followers. Your medical spa must have a consistent and recognizable presence. realdrseattle® develops this kind of branding for our clients so that they can stand out on social media.

Social media ads, like traditional search engine ads, do bring in leads. However, unlike PPC seen in the Google results, social media advertising engages users through visual and occasionally audio content. Scrolling through social media and seeing the product in action often makes a bigger impact than search engine ads.

Both types of Pay-Per-Click ads are essential for medical spa marketing. Social media ads do tend to be more cost effective than search engine PPC. If done right, they can even drive more conversions and leads to your medical spa.

realdrseattle’s® social media savvy experts and designers make ads that convert. We get your ads in front of the users that matter and are ready to make an appointment.

The cost of medical spa social media advertising depends on your specific needs. If you choose to also explore our other marketing channels, we offer packages devised to suit medical spas of varying prices and needs. realdrseattle® also provides custom pricing based upon the needs of your medical spa.

Deciding what to post on social media can debilitate medical spas that want to be seen. realdrseattle® can create Facebook, Instagram, and other social platform posts for your medical spa. Even when realdrseattle® manages a medical spa social media account, the owner of the account is free to post extra content.

In the medical spa industry, it is all about results. Therefore, patients want to see before and after photos. realdrseattle® creates sleek templates to highlight your before and after photos on all social media platforms. Other examples of content you may post on social can include:

  • Treatment or procedure videos
  • Testimonials
  • Specials and deals
  • Informational/educational content
  • Everyday updates on your medical spa

realdrseattle’s® social media experts have experience with all major social media platforms including, but not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

realdrseattle® is a medical marketing company specializing in the medical spa, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery industries. Our founders come from within these industries and revolutionized the way medical spa marketing works. We create a social media presence and social media ads that convert and strengthen your brand.

To learn more about how realdrseattle® can make your medical spa become a powerhouse on social media, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via chat or contact form.


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