Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Trends 2024

A new year comes with new trends in cosmetic surgery marketing. While many from last year continue to be important, 2024 brings new considerations for cosmetic surgery marketers.

#1: Social Media For Brand Building

Social media for cosmetic surgeon brand building is not necessarily new. However, many cosmetic surgeons with a notable brand or success promoting themselves online start with a strong social media presence. Post frequently, create branding for your posts, and be consistent. This can help increase brand awareness and strengthen it elsewhere.

#2: TikTok

Again, TikTok for plastic surgeons is not new. However, there has never been a better time to be a cosmetic surgeon on TikTok. Cosmetic surgeons have the greatest rate of discoverability on TikTok versus any other social media platform. Do not ignore TikTok and keep up with the trends because it pays off.

#3: Education Focus

Making engaging, educational content appears to do well for most cosmetic surgeons. This does not need to be the only kind of video or content made, but including enough educational content helps gain the trust of potential patients more effectively.

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