Why Ad Clicks Can Decrease & What You Can Do About It

Decreasing ad clicks can be alarming to any business, especially if PPC brings in a majority of the leads or customers. It is natural to see ebbs and flows when it comes to advertising. However, if you notice a significant decrease or change, there may be a larger reason. Here are some reasons why ad clicks decrease and some steps you can take to recover.

#1: You’re Losing The Auction

Ad positions are determined by an auction that uses your budget to bid for positions in the search results. If you suddenly find yourself falling off the results and not getting as many impressions, it may be time to shift around or increase your budget. You do not always need to increase, but be more strategic in the way you allocate the budget.

#2: You’ve Added To Many Negative Keywords

Adding more negative keywords is important for finding the right audience for your ads. However, sometimes, if you overdo it, this can end up hurting the placement of your ads. Go through and clean up your negative keywords (though make sure to still be strategic about it) and you may notice your impressions begin to bounce back.

#3: Your Landing Page Needs Revamped

The landing page that your ad links to also impacts your search engine ad performance. Thus, if the landing page is outdated or has a low quality score, this can affect your ads. Try adding good content, photos, and videos.

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