What Is YouTube AdSense?

YouTube is an amazing resource for your marketing efforts and SEO. Beyond advertising on YouTube, the platform also offers a program called YouTube AdSense. So, what is YouTube AdSense and how does it work?

YouTube AdSense is the program that allows YouTube creators in the YouTube partner program to earn money from advertising on their channels and views. This is generally lucrative for channels that get thousands of views and less beneficial for smaller channels. However, that is not to say that it cannot be beneficial for anyone on YouTube. 

The requirements for joining the YouTube partner program include being 18 or over, placing a form of payment on file, and creating content that is considered advertiser-friendly. These are the basic requirements and to be eligible for other forms of advertising and revenue you may need to have a certain number of subscribers or live in certain countries/regions.

YouTube does review channels before determining that they are eligible. Therefore, there is no guarantee that any channel can or will be accepted into the program. Still, if believe your channel may be eligible, it is worth registering.

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