Top Digital Marketing Trends For Healthcare In 2024

It takes a lot to stay up with the current trends–especially in something as important as marketing. The world of advertising changes almost as fast as the trends on social media. In fact,  social media is an excellent place to start as we talk about the top digital marketing trends for healthcare in 2024.

Social Media

From a marketing standpoint, we would all like to perfect social media as a tool for advertising. However, most businesses and healthcare practices struggle to be relatable. Turns out the best way to relate isn't with trends on social media; it's by developing your online personality. Look at the people who have become famous personalities through social media. They all have their own style. Developing a business style and personality will help you draw in more people than following in the footsteps of the trendsetters ever can.


Another healthcare trend that is rising in popularity is telemedicine. This digital tool allows people to access a doctor or other medical and mental health advice from anywhere. Have you ever felt too sick to leave your house but needed to see a doctor? Think of telemedicine as the new version of a house call–except less awkward for everyone involved.

Healthcare Apps

Similar to telemedicine, healthcare apps have become more popular recently. From these apps, you can access your doctor, medicines, and even mental health care–all without leaving the comfort of your own home. These apps may also reward people who schedule regular checkups and attend yearly appointments, increasing engagement with your healthcare apps and websites.

Video Content

You may not be able to have your own app, but that's only one way to draw in more patients. Another suitable method is through video content. Video helps show your practice’s personality to a whole different audience than text content can (think of social media and video-friendly platforms). Video content also shows off your practice’s abilities and can walk patients through medical procedures and explanations of these treatments before they even schedule a consultation. Video content can increase engagement and boost views (and potential patients) and confidence in your staff and practice.

Website And Content

A website with an easy-to-navigate design will be your best friend in digital marketing. Pairing a user-friendly, well-designed website with relevant and relatable content will help increase your web traffic and send patients your way.

Local SEO And Keywords

Speaking of content, embedding local keywords for Local SEO purposes into your content and website pages is the best way to be relevant in your area. With these methods, when someone searches for surgeons in the (insert your practice’s city name here) area, you can be sure your practice will be front and center in the search results–or at least on the first page of Google.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Trends In 2024

It takes a lot of work to keep up with constantly changing trends. One of the challenges of marketing your healthcare practice is staying up-to-date on all advertising strategies and marketing techniques. Sometimes, this can be too much for a practice to handle independently. That's where a medical digital marketing agency comes into the picture.

The realdrseattle team is devoted to marketing your healthcare practice. We stay current on the latest trends, including social media, Google business profiles, and all forms of digital marketing. We even keep up with Google's changing algorithm (and we do mean changing–like, every day).

If you need help marketing your healthcare practice, don't hesitate to contact realdrseattle today. You can call us at (206) 787-0784 or schedule your free consultation online. We're looking forward to working with you!

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