The Benefits Of Display Ads

Display ads are the visual ads that pop up on the side or bottom of websites and articles. Sometimes they can come off as gimmicky or tacky. However, when done right, they can look professional and drive results. Here are some of the benefits of display ads.

#1: They’re Cheap

Display ads tend to cost much less than traditional search engine or social media ads. The average cost per click on the Google Display Network is $0.58. When compared to Google Ads at around $2.30, it is evident why investing in display ads can increase your return on investment.

#2: Eyecatching

Like with social media ads, display ads are exceptionally eyecatching, arguably more so. On social media, we expect to see many colorful and moving things on our timelines. However, we may not expect that when reading an article or doing some general web browsing. Thus, this can contribute to the success of display ads.

#3: Get Ahead Of The Competition

Winning the bid on Google Ads can be difficult and frustrating. However, with a much smaller budget, businesses can get their ads seen on the Google Display Network. Many businesses—including your competitors—may not even consider display ads, so it is worth getting in on display ads early.

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