Should I Use ChatGPT For Website Content?

If you’ve been on the internet in 2023, you have likely heard of ChatGPT. The AI has gone viral for providing written content, content ideas, and generally having a pretty good understanding of writing. Therefore, this has brought up the question of if AI content could be used to generate website content. Let’s look at the question, “Should I use ChatGPT for website content?”

In short, no, but that does not mean you should fully ignore AI content tools. While it is unlikely to create good long form content, the algorithm can generate good content ideas and topics. Whether for your blog or website pages, this is one way you could use ChatGPT to your advantage without damaging your quality content.

This is not to say that AI will not one day become good enough to make SEO content that is of good quality. Currently, though, it is simply not there. Still, quality content written by a real human will always rank better and be more valuable than AI generated content.

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