Email Marketing vs. Social Media: Which Is Better?

The age of digital marketing has brought in many new forms of marketing that medical spas can take advantage of. Among the two most lucrative and popular include email marketing and social media marketing. In fact, both of these channels have become so useful that full time employees are sometimes dedicated to these outlets. However, which one should you focus on. What is the better outlet between email marketing vs. social media?Email marketing includes collecting lead information from both existing, new, and potential patients. Using these collected email addresses, you can send out emails to announce new services and products, specials, and general news about your practice. This is also an opportunity to provide educational content. Email marketing helps patients who have not yet decided to come to your medical spa remember to book their appointment as well as engage with existing patients.Social media marketing uses a combination of a social media presence and Pay-Per-Click advertising to reach potential patients via social media. Your posts on social media may highlight before and afters, educate, and adds a personal touch to your marketing. Running ads on social media also broadens the reach of your online advertising.Between these two outlets, they both have distinct benefits and you should take advantage of both. When it comes to medical spas, you may not need to focus as much on an email, a bi-monthly or monthly email should suffice. realdrseattle® can discuss what modes of marketing will work best for your medical spa. Give us a call at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via chat or contact form.

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