The Newest Google Maps Features In 2023

Google Maps is slated to see many changes before the end of 2023. With advancing technology, Google Maps is able to adapt to the changing world to make navigating it easier. Here are some of the newest Google Maps features in 2023.

#1: More Immersive Experience

Google Maps is planning to make Google Maps more practical, accessible, and immersive. Users will be able to look around an entire building to see where the entrances are and even cycle through different times of the day to determine when it is the busiest. This type of planning will change the way businesses operate and interact with Google Maps.

#2: Indoor Viewing

Google Street View already accommodates the insides of some businesses. However, this is going to increase and improve as well. This makes having Google photography of your office important because it can be indexed on Google and is more likely to rank when it is integrated across Google offerings.

#3: Advanced Search

When searching in a mobile browser, users can now easily search for images along with traditional search queries. Therefore, making sure your office is visible on Google Maps and has a quality Google My Business page, you are more likely to appear in search results.

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