3 Tips For Writing SEO Titles

Writing a good title is helpful for your content marketing strategy in several ways. Beyond providing context for both readers and search engines, it can also otherwise contribute to your SEO strategy and success. Here are three tips for writing SEO titles.

#1: Do Not Lead With A Sale Pitch

While it may seem worthwhile to include your name or your practice’s name front and center, this can backfire. Readers can tell when you care more about making a sale than providing valuable information. Focus on answering questions from patients and providing them value over making a sale. You can still fold in sales copy, but do not make it the majority of your title.

#2: Do Not Stuff Keywords

Your SEO titles should contain keywords, but do not overuse them. To avoid this, focus on one or two keywords per content, unless it is especially long. This does not mean other keywords cannot be involved but only focus on including a few. Also, do so naturally within the content.

#3: Be Natural

When focused too much on specific keywords, the actual writing can become stilted and unnatural. Therefore, make the title natural, maybe even using more casual language. This is more approachable for readers.

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