3 Tips For Advertising On Facebook

3 Tips For Advertising On Facebook

Social media Pay-Per-Click marketing is becoming one of the most lucrative online marketing options. However, it does require some extra set up than Google Ads or similar search engine ads. Here are 3 tips for advertising on Facebook.

#1: Use Videos

Facebook typically requires a visual element for its ads. This could be a photo (or series of photos) or a video. While both can provide great results, Facebook tends to favor video ads. They do not have to be long or extensive. Videos also tend to get more engagement than other types of social media ads.

#2: Keep Writing Minimal

On your video or photo ad, keep the number of words as minimal as you can. Facebook will reject the ad if there are too many words in the graphic. You have other options to place text above and below the ad. Take advantage of these spaces for the bulk of your text.

#3: Test Different Graphics

Instead of putting your entire budget into one or two ads, test a few different options to see which ones perform the best. Once you have this data, invest more of your budget into these better performing ads.

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