3 Reasons Not To Use AI Content

The latest craze in SEO content is AI tools such as ChatGPT. With search engines dictated by algorithms, it makes sense that an algorithm may write content that ranks higher than a human would. While these tools can absolutely be helpful, AI tools should not be the backbone of your content. Here are three reasons not to use AI content and advice on how to use it correctly.

#1: AI Cannot Mimic Style

AI tools are fantastic at writing content with keywords. However, a human will have/create an individual style that AI cannot currently mimic. AI-written content often feels robotic and static. It does not sound like normal human speech which when you are writing blog content, the informal and conversational style is an important part of connecting with your readers.

#2: It’s Identifiable

Related to the above point, it is easy to identify algorithm generated content. In fact, search engine algorithms can easily identify when another algorithm has written content. Google values well written and informative content. Part of this is done by analyzing the content and the other part uses user interaction data to determine how useful website visitors find the content. Generally, they do not find AI content that useful.

#3: Does Not Provide Value

AI content is not going to produce any information that does not already out there. It can also write inaccurate content if it is proliferated wide enough. Therefore, it is important to provide value and the information people want in your content.

Now, AI writing tools are not useless. They are amazing for generating topics to write about and analyzing the existing SEO of your content. To get more insights about plastic surgery marketing and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-973-7865 or reach out online via contact form or chat.

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