3 Quick Tips For Improving Your Website’s SEO

SEO is not something you do once and forget about. It is an ongoing process that requires consistent maintenance to maintain and improve. However, not everyone has time to make major SEO improvements every day. So, here are 3 quick tips for improving your website’s SEO.

#1: Add Visuals/Videos

If content is king, photos and videos are his most trusted advisors. The king would be nothing without them and it is important to incorporate them on every page if possible. At least one photo or video should be present on any given content page. This is something you can update every day fairly quickly, especially if you already have the content to do so.

#2: Fix Broken Links

It is bound to happen on any website eventually. Broken links—whether internal or external—need to be removed/fixed. While this may be an ongoing task, it is quite easy to fix a few links a day. Sometimes, this may require creating a redirect, but there are various tools you can use to do this. Additionally, many SEO tools can help you identify the broken links too.

#3: Promote Your Best Content

Identify the best content on your website in both quality and traffic. If people already find it useful, you might as well share it with more people on social media. You may also seek out a few backlinks to this content. You can also help improve your less performing content by adding and replacing content.

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