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Medical Spa Content Marketing

Website content is the foundation behind any good website and SEO strategy. Using keywords and providing informative content increases Google rankings and builds trust with website visitors. A good content marketing strategy can increase the visibility of your web pages and blog posts by an average of 106%. At realdrseattle®, we specialize in providing the leading content marketing for medical spas. Medical spas exist in a space where education and understanding patient goals are important to conversion. We create customized, original content written to drive conversions, strengthen your brand, and rank on page one of Google.

Pricing starting at $500 - $1500 per page

*Disclaimer - Prices of plans and individual services are subject to change at any time. Upon consultation with a
marketing expert, a custom plan and price can be prepared based on your budget and needs.

Gaining Authority Through Content Marketing For Med Spa

The medical spa industry is full of competing spas that may offer the same or similar procedures. How can your medical spa differentiate itself from other medspas in your city? Content customized to your medical spa can go a long way in gaining authority with search engines and potential patients. Finding the sweet spot between keyword-optimized copy and the information users want, realdrseattle®’s content writers create content that search engines can easily parse and that users will find unique and informative.

As a medical spa marketing agency, realdrseattle® knows the secret to get your medical spa website to rank high on Google. With a mixture of SEO strategy, Pay-Per-Click advertising, and custom content, we create content that converts and informs. Every piece of content we write custom to each medical spa. A profitable medical spa marketing campaign starts with well written content.

The Way realdrseattle®
Makes A Difference With Content Marketing

What makes realdrseattle®’s content unique? How will it make a difference in your medical spa’s rankings? We do not create cookie-cutter content that looks the same for all of our clients. Each web page we produce features unique keywords and explores the specifics of your medical spa procedures. Our content is localized and addresses the questions that patients in your region have. realdrseattle® will also write about what makes your medical spa different and innovative.

Below are just a few insights into realdrseattle®’s content process and why we provide the best medical spa content marketing.

Patient Centric, Keyword Optimized, And Locally Focused

realdrseattle® knows that patients drive the medical spa industry. Therefore, our content is crafted to meet their needs just as much as those of search engines. When you choose realdrseattle® to write your website content, our content writers will reach out to you to find out what one-of-a-kind offerings you provide to patients. They will also conduct thorough research about your local area and the concerns your patients have.

For example, patients in Orlando may have more concerns about sun damage than patients in Minneapolis. Our writers may then choose to focus blog content on the best procedures to treat sun damage. Your content will then likely address those concerns.

Like your medical spa, our priority is providing the best information to your patients. When you receive your custom content from realdrseattle®, you can expect content that is:

  • Consistent with your branding and voice
  • Focused on your local market
  • Well written and original
  • Grammatically sound and free of errors
  • Informative and well researched
  • Optimized for search engines

You always have the opportunity to review content before it goes on your website and may request changes.

Establish Brand Trust And Recognition

It is not uncommon to see two medical spas in the same city that offer the same procedure. This a driving force in medical spa marketing and one that realdrseattle® takes seriously. How can you set yourself apart from other medspas?

realdrseattle® helps medical spas create a defining brand and voice that will set their procedures apart from competitors. Whether it’s a specialized technique, equipment, or another aspect, we can boil down the reasons your medical spa is the best.

Additionally, 78% of web searchers will trust your brand more if you provide custom content. If competitors have personalized pages, you can edge them out with high quality content that better meets web searcher’s needs. realdrseattle®’s talented content writers research the strategies your competitors are using and optimize your web pages accordingly.

Common threads in our social media marketing plans

Custom web page content creation

Creating ads for social media involves more than keyword-rich, well written copy. Visual and video elements are often part of social media ads because they exist on visual driven platforms. Therefore, social media ads must stand out in a way that search engine PPC does not. realdrseattle®’s distinguished designers create attractive social media ads meant to drive traffic and conversions to your website.

SEO blogs

realdrseattle®’s content writing experts helps you improve SEO ranking through the use of informative web pages, blog posts, and social media.

Google My Business blog posts

We maintained and managed Google My Business profile to keep it active and updated. This includes posting regular blogs to Google My Business.

New content pages

realdrseattle® helps you update and new contents accordingly whenever there is the need.

Keyword research

An important part of on-page SEO is utilizing targeted keywords within webpage content. However, this must be done strategically as Google’s algorithm can recognize keyword spamming or irrelevancy. As part of the writing process, our writers research the keywords related to a given procedure as well as review keyword ranking goals.

Localization and branding of medical spa procedures

We take your location and target audience into account when designing and developing your website. realdrseattle® keeps your site up-to-date and focused on your local area. We get you and your website listed on Google Maps and other local directories. This places your most important and up-to-date contact information exactly where your patients look.

SEO Benefits Of
Content Marketing

realdrseattle® increases website authority and SEO ranking. We understand what patients look for in a medical spa and create content that builds trust and rapport with potential patients.

Develop Your Cotent Strategy With The Best SEO Marketing Agency For Plastic Surgeons, realdrseattle®


What is SaaS?
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SaaS stands for "software as a service" and entails companies selling access to software. realdrseattle® provides SaaS products built by in-demand developers to plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, and medical spas around the country.
How Can SaaS Tools Benefit My Practice?
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It is likely that you are already using SaaS tools in your practice. Email, Office 365, Google Calendar, and other cloud based services are all examples of SaaS. SaaS products can help you get more leads, organize your practice, communicate with patients effectively, and so much more.
Why Is SaaS Important?
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SaaS allows for free or low cost access to complicated web-based tools and software that can become the backbone of your office. Also, since they are cloud-based, losing information is less likely and easier to access than non-cloud based products. SaaS products save time and seamlessly scale with your business making software products the future of marketing in all industries.
What Can I Expect When Working With realdrseattle® For SaaS?
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Our team works to provide helpful, simple, and easy-to-use SaaS products. We offer free customer service and technical help during our working hours. Your representative is there to integrate SaaS into your office and get you more leads and marketing success.

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