Will AI Kill SEO Marketing?

Artificial intelligence—commonly referred to as AI—has become on of the biggest trends in digital marketing in 2023. AI can now produce written content, track conversions and analytics, and much more. Considering that SEO is largely algorithmically driven and relies heavily on content, will AI kill SEO marketing?

Overall, the answer is no, at least, not yet. Currently, AI cannot produce truly authentic content. Services like ChatGPT pull from external sources and fully use them or paste them together with others. This can lead to inconsistency and content that does not flow naturally.

Search engine algorithms are smart enough to identify content that humans do not like or which is not user friendly. It may take time, but it will eventually realize this and may place a penalty on the website. This is not to say that AI cannot be used to enhance human written content, but in its current form, AI cannot replace human writers.

With that said, one day AI may be able to produce novel and original content. In this case, the future of SEO and the way digital marketing works will likely change forever. This shift is not the current one though. 

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