Why Creating A Style Guide Is Necessary For Content Marketing

Why Creating A Style Guide Is Necessary For Content Marketing

Many marketers are likely familiar with style guides. However, something they may not know is that creating a company-wide style guide for your content can be beneficial for growing the business. Here are some of the reasons why creating a style guide is necessary for content marketing.

#1: Increased Content Consistency

Whether you have one content writer or multiple, keeping content consistent is important. Having a similar voice within all of your blogs and content is important for creating a strong marketing presence and brand. This creates better quality content that ranks better in search engines.

#2: Less Training Required

If you hire a writer for your business or agency, offering a style guide reduces the training they will need to go through to become productive. A style guide answers many questions that a new writer may ask such as preferred formatting and branding.

#3: Easily Updated

Style guides are easy to keep updated and should be updated as new needs arise. Style guides are ideal for keeping in a Google Doc that can be edited as needed.

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