What Should Be In A Business Style Guide?

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A style guide is a document that essentially lays out the writing style for a particular company's content marketing. If you produce large amounts of content, a style guide helps keep the style, punctuation, and grammar conventions consistent across different documents and writers. So, what should be in a business style guide?

For the most part, most businesses choose to follow an existing style guide, such as the AP style guide. From there, they may make changes or add certain elements based on their business. For example, the style guide may not contain specific instructions on jargon related to your industry. This is something to add.

Additionally, any exceptions to the chosen style guide should be addressed. If you use the AP style guide, it does not use the Oxford comma. If you choose to use the Oxford comma in your writing, this needs to be noted in the style guide. From there, it is largely deciding on certain decisions that may need to be made during writing.

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