What Metrics Actually Matter On Social Media?

What Metrics Actually Matter On Social Media?

When gauging the success of your social media strategy, it is easy to focus on likes and followers. These analytics do matter, but they do not have the importance many people first starting out with a professional social media account think. So, what metrics actually matter on social media?

#1: Impressions

The impressions your posts get can help you gauge the success of a particular post or strategy. You can also drive impressions through sponsored posts and running advertisements. Impressions simply refer to the number of views your post or account gets. Even if not all of these people interact by liking or following, they are more likely to remember your brand and interact at a later date, especially within the plastic surgery field.

#2: Audience Growth Rate

Your audience growth rate does have something to do with your followers. However, instead of looking at the number of followers you have, it looks at the rate at which you gain followers. If you are gaining quickly, it is likely that your posts and overall strategy are working well. If not, then you may want to reconsider your social media strategy.

#3: Engagement Rate

Similar to impressions, your engagement rate looks at how many of both your followers and people who see your posts or account interact with your account. This can include likes, follows, comments, clicking your bio link, and other ways of interacting with your account. High engagement—even on a small scale—is a good sign you are running an effective strategy.

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