What Is The Metaverse & Can You Market On It?

What Is The Metaverse & Can You Market On It?

In the absolute simplest sense, the metaverse is a shared online world where people can create digital versions of themselves and various worlds. This can include VR as well as video games. It is extensive and hard to understand for the average person. However, it also offers interesting marketing opportunities. Let’s look more into, “What is the metaverse and can you market on it?”

As mentioned, the metaverse is essentially a digital world. It is part of the reason that cryptocurrencies and NFTs gained popularity. In the metaverse, they became the currency and then real-life transactions began to be made within this digital space. This now offers the opportunity to advertise and make real money on the metaverse.

First, while possible, this is not yet viable for most companies or services. Most will not see a major reason to market on the metaverse. However, if you have a digital or technology based business or one within the metaverse itself, it can be lucrative. 

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