What Is The Best Way For Plastic Surgeons To Market Themselves?

Plastic surgery marketing is an industry that is constantly evolving and requires the best in the business to keep up with. Plastic surgeons themselves often do have a hand in marketing, but due to their understandably busy schedules and prioritizing patients, it can be difficult to keep up with marketing trends. At realdrseattle®, we handle the marketing side of things for busy plastic surgeons all around the country. We often get asked, “What is the best way for plastic surgeons to market themselves?” Here are a few ways plastic surgeons can find time for marketing in their busy schedules. Everyone is on social media and most find time to update it almost daily. Plastic surgeons are not an exception to this and, even if realdrseattle® handles their social media, posting a story, livestreaming a surgery, or posting something on their own keeps plastic surgeons involved in their marketing and interacting with their patients. We also encourage our plastic surgeon clients to respond to comments and messages to keep their voice within social media. Finally, plastic surgeons can work with the realdrseattle® team to create content specific to them, their practice, and procedures. This may include appearing in videos, offering their expertise, writing blog content, and many other possibilities. Not only does this interaction increase audience engagement and authority, but it also advertises a surgeon’s unique take on their procedures. It can highlight what makes them different and unique which ultimately can lead to more patients. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via chat or contact form.

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