What Is A Sitemap?

When introducing someone to SEO, the hardest concepts to grasp tend to be within the technical SEO sphere. This is because many of these tasks and concepts require a coding background or more advanced knowledge than many people have. For example, a common question is, “What is a sitemap?”

In simple terms, a site map is a list of the pages, videos, photos, and other files on your website and how they are interconnected. This helps both web crawlers, future developers, and users of the website navigate and understand the content better. However, the average person will really only see the basics of the sitemap (think the navigation menu and the links in the footer). 

Other sitemaps are handled almost exclusively by the website’s designers and developers. This helps map out the path a user would take when visiting the site and also compiles the list into a friendly format for web crawlers so search engines like Google have an easier time understanding your website.

Therefore, having a sitemap is important along with making sure it continues to be managed and updated as necessary. Many content management systems help users do this by handling the back end of the sitemap for users, though it can always be manually edited.

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