What Are Responsive Search Ads?

In 2022, Google is retiring expanded text ads in favor of response search ads. This move is to help make their PPC ads more effective and useful to web searchers. Let’s take a closer look at the question, “What are responsive search ads?”Responsive search ads are search engine ads that display different text depending on the search query and person searching. This customizes ads for the individual viewer which makes them more likely to click on it versus standard ads that simply display as written (even if there are multiple versions).When creating a responsive search ad, you will enter in multiple title options and ad copy. Google will then take this copy and the settings of the ad and begin exploring the multiple versions of the ad and where each version is most likely to get seen and clicked. This is one example of how AI and automation are changing the digital marketing experience in 2022.To learn more about online advertising management in 2022, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online using chat or our contact form.

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