Web Design Mistakes Frequently Made On WordPress

Web design—like SEO—is constantly changing. It is difficult to always keep up with new standards, especially when managing a website that is already built. Whether building a new website from scratch or managing a current one, here are some web design mistakes frequently made on WordPress.

First, not optimizing your website for mobile web browsers is one of the biggest mistakes a web designer can make. Google now considers mobile usability a ranking factor. Additionally, the majority of web search searches now take place on mobile devices. Thus, not optimizing your website for mobile will ultimately increase bounce rates, decrease leads, and hurt your rankings.

Secondly, the main menu is one of the most important navigational structures of your website. While this is fairly easy to manage in WordPress, it rarely is updated once built. However, today, navigation needs to function well on all devices and not be overly cluttered. This can be overwhelming, hard to use, and generally look unattractive.

Finally, WordPress makes it easy to use templates and simply plug in your own content and images. While this is not inherently bad, you do want to make sure that your site does not look dull or too template based.

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