The Best Ad Extensions On Google

The Best Ad Extensions On Google

When creating Google Ads, the platform will often prompt you to create extensions that can help you take up more space in the search results and get more clicks. There are countless ad extensions, so how do you know which are the best? It depends on your industry, but in our opinion, here are the best ad extensions on Google.

#1: Site Link Extensions

This extension allows you to add more links to your ads. Not only does this promote extra clicks, but it can also make your ad show and be relevant for keywords that may not have been the main target of the ad, but are related.  Site link extensions also take up more space which makes your ad feature more prominently.

#2: Call Extensions

A call extension places your phone number in the search results. This could lead to conversions without people even clicking on your ad. While this may not be good for your analytics, it is good for your bottom line.

#3: Callout Extensions

Callout extensions highlight certain features of your business that may entice a consumer. For example, if your business is 24/7 or open on weekends, these are great examples of callout extensions that can be highlighted in a search ad.

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