The Benefits Of Scheduling Social Media Posts Ahead Of Time

The Benefits Of Scheduling Social Media Posts Ahead Of Time

Through a tool known as the Creator Studio, Facebook and Instagram allow you to post and schedule social media posts. Previously, marketers had to purchase software in order to schedule social media posts. However, Facebook and Instagram have now made it easy to plan your social media strategy weeks in advance. Here are the benefits of scheduling social media posts ahead of time.

First off, it allows you to plan ahead for holidays or national days that may pertain to your business. Not only does the Creator Studio let you schedule a post whenever you want, but it also gives you a heads-up for upcoming holidays and similar events. Therefore, you have adequate time to plan your social media strategy for these days.

Secondly, the Creator Studio can provide insight into when your followers are most active and most likely to see your post. This can help improve engagement as well as bring in new engagement to people similar to those who already follow you.

Finally, there is no need to worry about your social media team calling out sick or going on vacation, posts can be scheduled routinely in advance so that something is posted on all of the days you post. You also can post between scheduled posts.

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