The Benefits Of Live Videos

Nearly every social media platform now offers users the ability to livestream. There are even specific platforms dedicated to livestreaming such as Twitch. So, when it comes to plastic surgery marketing, are there any benefits of live videos? Overall, our team believes there are benefits to occasional live video content. Let’s look at some of the benefits of live videos.

#1: Unique Engagement

Engagement online with your patients and leads is often not instant. Replies to comments and messages often come hours later. However, during a livestream, these answers and replies can come instantly. Livestreams also feel more personal than traditional video formats.

#2: Versatility & Creativity

Livestream content can be anything from question-and-answer sessions to surgery to injections. Be creative and make them fun and enjoyable. Consider announcing contest winners on live and encouraging engagement during the stream. However, not all of your streams need to be like this. Have a good number of different stream types.

#3: Credibility

Patients often feel nervous before surgery. Livestreaming their surgery can give them peace of mind because their caregiver and family members can watch. It also assures them that you will care for them and if anything goes wrong, livestream viewers would know immediately. This helps put patients at ease and increase your credibility.

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