The Apple Ad Network: What To Know

The Apple Ad Network: What To Know

The Apple Ad network has now overtaken Facebook as the top marketing platform for mobile devices. Despite this, many small businesses have not yet invested in Apple Ads. Here’s what you need to know about the Apple Ad Network.

#1: It Values Privacy

Apple Ads are built on the philosophy of protecting user privacy while also providing lead information to companies. Part of how it does this is by advertising apps or similar products that can be downloaded or implemented immediately and potentially without any fee. This results in an immediate conversion. Therefore, if the user then provides the company their information of their own accord, it keeps the actual advertising private. As with all Apple devices, users can also disable tracking in their settings.

#2: They Are Rapidly Expanding

The most ad revenue for Apple comes from advertising in the App Store. Obviously, if you do not have an app, this form of advertising is not as enticing. However, they are quickly expanding their ads to apply to all Apple-owned entities like Apple Music and Apple TV. Eventually, Apple also plans to put ads on the main Today tab. Though, Apple does not currently handle advertising for third-party apps hosted on their App Store.

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