Should You Pay For Twitter Verification?

As a brand or business active on social media, the rollout of Twitter’s paid verification programs poses many challenges and questions. Mainly, the question, “Should you pay for Twitter verification?” With the previous blue checkmark system, only accounts belonging to public figures, organizations, or businesses can become verified to identify official accounts from unofficial or scam accounts. 

With the new subscription-based system, anyone can pay to become blue check verified. Now, while Twitter can remove this verification at any time and does have policies against spam accounts, it is unlikely this will be well regulated. When verified, changing the name or profile picture of the account will cause the account to become temporarily unverified while Twitter reviews the changes. This can make it difficult to update branding or have seasonal branding.

With that said, brands and figures who are likely to have impersonators or several fan accounts may become forced to pay for verification and play by the rules. Though, many are also pushing back against the program. 

Now, should you or your business pay for verification? Ultimately, this is a personal decision. For most small or local businesses, there likely is not too much of a need, especially since these accounts were unlikely to be verified in the first place. 

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