SEO For Surgeons: Proven Tips for Plastic Surgery Businesses

Search engine optimization isn’t an exact science. It requires constant vigilance to keep your website and knowledge up to date with the newest advancements. Even using a plastic surgery marketing company such as realdrseattle®, there are many ways that plastic surgeons and their teams can remain involved in SEO optimization. Below are a few proven tips for plastic surgery businesses looking to increase their SEO.

#1: Focus On Content

realdrseattle® provides thoroughly researched and well written content on choice procedures to give your website the necessary boost to own your local market. However, some of the best SEO content starts in the office. Blog posts, patient testimonials and stories, and advice from professionals can all be curated in the office. We can help you put together this information, but these personal touches go a long way in connecting with your audience and building authority. Both can increase traffic, brand awareness, patient trust, and your search rankings.

#2: Link To News Articles & Awards

Did you recently get featured in a local newspaper article? Do an interview? Win a prestigious award? Adding these links to your website can boost your credibility and provide outbound links from your website, which boosts SEO. Additionally, and more importantly, make sure these sources have your website link. You may even provide multiple links based on their relevancy. This can earn you a quality backlink which is difficult to curate.

#3: Encourage Patient Created Content

From time to time, patients may provide post-operative photos of themselves at the pool or enjoying their new body on the beach. This can make great social media posts, or even find a place on your website. This can feel more authentic to potential patients than posed post-operative photos in your photo gallery. Therefore, encouraging your patients to send in this content can go a long way in connecting with patients. Additionally, Google’s algorithm now factors in reviews may through their platform. Encouraging patients to leave a review on Google can actually boost your website up the rankings. realdrseattle® are masters of plastic surgery SEO and marketing services. As a full service agency, our team are professionals within the industry who know how to get your plastic surgery practice noticed. To learn more and get a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via chat and contact form.

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