Optimize Website Architecture For SEO: A Guide

The way your website is organized can help improve your SEO and overall rankings. The right structure will not look exactly the same for every website. However, there are a few general tenants to follow that can help you create a healthy website architecture for SEO. Here are a few ways to promote the best website structure.

#1: Internal Links

Much of the focus on website links are on backlinks from other websites to yours. However, internal links—which are links between your website pages—can help keep search engine crawlers and users alike on your website. It also prevents orphaned pages, or deadends in your website structure.

#2: Breadcrumbs

If you go to any blog or content heavy website, at the bottom of each article, you will find links to similar articles. This is called “breadcrumbs” because it can lead the user to continue reading on your website. Breadcrumbs can be easily implemented on a website blog with either a plug-in or automation tools.

#3: Navigable Menus

When you have many pages on your website, your drop down menus can become bogged down and go off the page, making it difficult or impossible for users to get to those pages using the menu. Restructuring and recreating the menu into a more modern design will help fix this problem. Also, be sure that you have a workable mobile menu as well. 

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