One Long Article Or Two Short Ones? Which Is Better?

When producing content for your website, some of it is straightforward. You will need cornerstone content for your primary procedures. However, when it comes to blogs and complementary content, how many articles do you need? Is it better to have one long article or two short ones?

Overall, it depends. For procedures that can have a high variance in how they are performed or why, this may warrant creating more than one long article on them. For example, tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and reverse tummy tuck can easily all be their own articles. 

However, when writing on a specific topic, you may not need more than one article, even if it ends up being slightly longer than the rest. Though, there are times when shorter articles can be helpful for your SEO. This is primarily on your blog where you may write on the same procedures multiple times, but taking different angles.

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